Friday, April 25, 2008

We "were" experiencing internet difficuites

So last night after months of research on my husband's part the Dish Network guy came to our house to change over our regular cable to Dish satellite. After hours of walking through the house and numerous times in and out of our attic it was determined that he would have to move the existing satellite dish to the other end of the house due to group of very tall pine trees interfering with the signal. OK fine, I am thinking finally get that stupid thing off the front of my house and put it some where in the back! OH NO it is going on the front but really on the other end of the house on the side but will still visible from the front. So much for my dream of being able to stand in my front yard and notice only my beautiful plants and not this stupid metal thingy mounted to the side of my house. Can you see my joy in the situation? Can you? Then hubby says he is going to move the cable where our internet comes into the house to the other side of the living room so he won't have to run a cable on the floor when he wants faster service because our wireless isn't fast enough as direct tie in. OK what ever! He is the computer geek in the family not me so what ever he says is always right, yes I said always. Well he cuts the hole in the wall and has a snap in box for the hole he cut, good. Then he gets in the attic and proceeds to drill a hole to fish down the cable wire. He even has some glow rods to attach said wire to and fish down the wall so he can find said wire and pull into the pop in box he cut a hole for. Well his drill bit wasn't long enough to drill through the ninety five-hundred 2X4's in the attic. So he was going to get in his car and go to Lowe's and buy a new drill bit until I pointed out one small problem. It was 8:45 pm. There was no way he was going to make it into town from where we live in time to get there. So last night we had no internet. No internet! So yes we had internet technical difficulties at my house. But hubby took the day off today to remedy this situation. So this afternoon my beloved internet access will be fixed. Go hubby!

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