Wednesday, June 5, 2024

I Was Lucky To Have 24 Summers

They say we get 18 summers with our children before they leave for college. I was lucky enough to have 24. 

Our oldest, Reece attended the university where I worked so he lived at home during his college career. But sometimes it was almost like he was gone and off at college somewhere because he was gone so much of the time.

He was with the baseball program at college for six years. Four as an undergraduate and then two more as a graduate. Thus why he was gone a lot of the time. A college athletic program is nothing like high school. Early morning work, classes, workouts during the day, and then either practice or games in the evening. The grind of baseball was long but he enjoyed every minute of it. 

I also cherished knowing where he was the majority of the time and also knew he'd be home to sleep in his own bed.

Reece graduated with his masters degree in March and his final season with the baseball program ended a few weeks ago. And thus began a new chapter in all of our lives. 

After 20 years of baseball, it's over. Reece also moved out last weekend. He's almost 24 and I know this is how it's supposed to be but man it went by so fast!

As he cleared out the last of his things from his room I made sure to put a smile on my face and happy tone to my voice. I didn't want him to remember this exciting time with me crying in the hallway as he loaded up his car with his pillows, blankets, and random items he was bringing with him. 

He's just moving fifteen minutes away but it feels like hours. He hugged and kissed me one more time before getting in his car and driving to his new place. I just smiled and told him I loved him and how proud I was of him. And I told him that no matter what happens in his life, this is always his home and he can come back at any time. 

Later that evening I put fresh sheets on the bed in our now guest room and vacuumed so it would be ready for who ever comes to stay. Then I cleaned his bathroom too so it would also be ready. 

But what I wasn't ready for was the missing toothbrush in the holder. The missing shampoo bottle, shaving cream and beard wash from the shower. The missing basket with his name on it in the cabinet so he and his brother would know what items were theirs. And all of the other little things that are no longer in the house.

It was all just to much and I cried. I cried because if I could do it all over again, I absolutely would. I cried because he's off living his best life and I'm just so extremely proud of him. I've loved having a front row seat to his life and all of the adventures we have been on.

They say the days are long but the years are short. They aren't wrong. I was lucky to have him home those extra six years. But man what I wouldn't do to have another 24 years of him being home. 

Go be bold and courageous, Reece. Dad and I love you!

Friday, January 12, 2024

Health Journey


November 2022 I set out on a journey to be healthier. I was facing some health issues and needed to make changes. 

I started exercising on a daily basis and making better food choices. I set short term goals to keep me on track and one long term goal for the year. My long term goal was to lose 52 pounds for the year. 

Since making those changes I’ve lost 54 pounds and the health issues are no longer a problem. 

I've set new goals for 2024. The hard work has been worth it and I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it. 

 October 2022

October 2023