Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday night was a blur

Happy Halloween!

Well The Rangers didn't win the World Series. But I'm sure y'all knew that.

I was so pumped after we scored 2 runs to make it 2 to 0. But alas the baseball Gods were not on our side.

I downloaded several apps on my phone to make sure I was covered. I wanted to know what was going on play by play.

I even shared my baseball knowledge with a friend of mine. He was rooting for The Rangers to or else I hate to say it, he would have been out of luck!

Let me just say I was excited for Lance Berkman. If anyone deserves to have a World Series ring, it's him. Watching him after the game was almost worth the Rangers losing. Almost.

There was so much going on Friday night. World Series game 7, pregame football activities-aka Senior Night, and half time performance. All the seniors involved in Friday night activities get escorted on to the field by their parents. I have a great picture of my friend Beth, her husband, and their son, Nick, but my computer does not want to cooperate with me right now. Sorry.

I even have a few pictures of R1 and his halftime performance. Which by the way he did great. I was one proud mama!

OK that's all I've got since I still can't get the pictures to load. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What the heck just happened Rangers

OK I'm going to be honest. It' late or early depending on how you look at it. It's 12:07am and my head is killing me. I've been up since 5:30am on Thursday. And the Rangers just lost game 6.

I'm sick over this fact and the fact I won't be able to watch the game tomorrow night.

R1 is performing with the Jr High band at the varsity football game tomorrow night. And it's senior night and Beth's son is a senior and she and her husband have to escort him onto field.

So I know that I will be listening to it live on ESPN radio since Hubs has downloaded an app to my phone and I will be updating my Facebook status accordingly from my phone. But I am seriously thinking of bringing my laptop to the football game. Yes I know I have a sickness. Don't judge.

And since it's raining (finally) I'm off to bed. Because everyone knows when it's raining it makes the best sleeping weather.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well I'm totally bummed out the World Series game 6 got postponed till tomorrow.

Seriously, who postpones the World Series. Hello can you say rain-delay not postponement. I guess I'm thankful they put it off till tomorrow and did not just rain delay the game. I might have been up watching till 1 or 2 in the morning. That would definitely not make for a good morning in our house.

The Rangers and Cardinals were off yesterday and last night I was sitting in the recliner going back and forth deciding do I watch TV or play on Facebook. TV won out, but there really wasn't much on. I did however get caught up a few DVR'd shows. I'm sure my DVR is thanking me.


Game 6. Thursday night. In St. Louis. 7:05PM Central Standard Time.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Game 5 and some food

WOO HOO, the Rangers won game 5!!! I know y'all are up set about me not blogging about game 5 but I have to admit, I was just to tired. The game wore me out! All I can say is Mike Napoli is having one heck of series. He's on fire!

Game 6 Wednesday night in St. Louis. LETS GO RANGERS!!

OK on to the food part. Sunday I have no idea what got into me but I wanted to cook. Cook like good food. So I went to the best food source I know. PINTEREST. Yes the same site I told y'all about last month. It's awesome.

Anyway there were a few recipes that I had "liked or pinned"

First recipe on the list was Parmesan Knots. You can go here for the recipe. But here are a few pictures of my finished product. These didn't last long.

Next I made shrimp and past with sun dried tomato cream sauce. I changed this recipe up just a bit. I added shrimp. Johnny Carino's makes this Spicy Shrimp and Chicken dish that is to die for and this is just a toned down version. And Hubs does not care for penne pasta very much so I used angel hair. You can go here for this recipe. It was fabulous!! I took left overs for lunch on Monday and it was even better.

Finally for dessert I picked out strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. I kinda doctored this recipe too. I cut the strawberries and cake into bite size pieces and then mixed them together in a small baking dish and then poured Hershey's chocolate sauce on them and put it in the fridge to chill. It's gone. No left overs!

All three of these were a huge hit!! I see them again in our future.

Oh and don't forget GO RANGERS!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

World Series Continues

Yes interpeeps the Word Series is still going on. We are currently in game 4. Which is being played right now.

Hello my name is RRMAMA and yes I am addicted to baseball. World Series baseball.

I won't even mention game 3. It was sad. So pitiful. I lost it after the call at first baseball. He was clearly out. And I know the call didn't make or break the game but it's just the point of the whole thing. HE WAS OUT! Hubs said he won't watch baseball with me anymore because I scream at the TV way to much.

OK moving on.

It's the bottom of the 7th and the score is 1-0 Rangers. I'm hoping we can hold them off to win this game.

On another note I made a few recipes from PINTEREST for dinner tonight. Parmesan knots, chicken with sun dried tomato sauce and fresh strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was YUMMY!

I have pictures and all but you know the World Series is going on and I can't multi task this late in the day. And game 5 is tomorrow so I probably won't put them up then either. Just being honest. But as soon as we have break I will blog about it and put up the pictures.

WOO HOO!! Mike Napoli just hit a three run homer to make the score 4-0 Rangers!!

OK, I gotta go, this game is getting good!



RANGERS WON!! 4-0 Shut our the Cardinals tonight! I'm super pumped!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's been a loooong game #2

You know I'm not going to blog about anything but the World Series for the next few days. Just warnin' ya.

So game 2 is going on now and it's been scoreless until just recently. It's the top of 8th and St. Louis scored in the bottom of the 7th bring the score to 0-1.

It's been another great game and Elvis Andrus has had and amazing game! Two awesome plays that left me speechless.

And since the game is still going on....I'm outta here. Have a great weekend.



WOO HOO!!! RANGERS WON!!! Right down to the wire. 2-1. Next game Saturday in Arlington.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A house divided

Yes folks it World Series time! I'm VERY happy. Those of you that know me know I have a deep love a baseball.

The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals are in the world series. First game is going on right now as type this. The score is 2 to 3 Cardinals. The Cardinals actually just scored to make it 2 to 3.

And my house is very much divided for this world series. Me, I love my Astros but alas they are not in the series, which leave me to root for the team that is, the Texas Rangers.

Hubs can not and I repeat CAN NOT stand the Rangers, so he is pulling for the Cardinals. And because Lance Berkman is playing for the Cardinals R1 is pulling for them as well. And well R2 he's gonna take his dad and brothers side so that really leaves just me cheering for the Rangers.

And once the series is over the tape will come down and the house will be harmonious again.

But for now GO RANGERS!!!

Rangers lost to the Cardinals tonight. 2-3. It was a great first game. I'm ready for game 2!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Priscilla who....

By now the three of you that read this blog know I have been doing a bible study called Jonah, Navigating A Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer.

A few weeks backs during our lesson, Priscilla, like how I act like we are on a first name basis, was talking about having an argument with your spouse but it really wasn't a full blown argument. But it wasn't just a little spat either. She called these "HEATED FELLOWSHIP".

I loved it! It sounded perfect.

So after the bible study I came home and told Hubs about our new term for our discussions, heated fellowship.

He laughed and then said, "So does Priscilla go to our church? And if so, where does she sit."

First off, I wish she went to our church!! Second, Hubs has only being going to our church for the past 27 years. And our church is in our small community and he knows everyone in our church. That is unless you are visiting.

So Priscilla, If you ever visit Southeast Texas, let me know. I'll be sure to introduce Hubs. And remember, just act like you've been going to our church forever.


Friday, October 14, 2011


Instead of usual blog post I thought I would just list a bunch of stuff that is running around in my head.

1. R1 is feeling better and went to school yesterday. He made it the entire day and then came home with a mountain of home work. Thank goodness we got some of his class work the other day. 6th grade work comes in P-I-L-E-S!

2. Rangers lost. I'm not happy. But we have 2 more games.

3. A sweet friend suddenly lost her husband two weeks ago. I haven't really wanted to talk about it but she and her son have been on my mind constantly. Her name is Stella and her son is Trent. If you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for them that would be great.

4. R1 has his first school dance this weekend. I might have told him a fib about him having to go for student council and then changed my mind and he still wants to go as long as his friends are going.

5. After dinner last night R2 was showing R1 how to do the Macarena. Totally funny since that craze was so over with by the time he was born and R2 is 4 1/2 yrs younger than R1.

6 Also later when R2 was laying in bed, pitching a fit, it sounded like a growling wooly mammoth was having a wrestling fight. I wish I would have taped him. It was good stuff.

7. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our football stadium will be "pinked out" for tonight's game.

8.I don't really have anything else, I just couldn't end on an odd number.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The sickness of 2011 has returned

To start off, I was typing the title for the post and I put "The sickness of 2001 has returned". Really, I can't remember what I did last week, so how am I supposed to remember a sickness from 2001. If I was blogging back then I'm sure I could look it up, but alas I was not.

OK moving on.

Sickness has returned to our house. R1 is looks just so PIT-TI-FUL! He started feeling bad late Sunday night. Saying his stomach and head hurt. And his cheeks were flush. I took his temperature and gave him some Advil. Also, there has been a nasty stomach virus going around his school and I was just waiting for it to hit our house. I was following him around with a lined trash can, don't judge. I'd rather be able to pull a bag out of what we call in our house, the vomit can, than clean up my floor.

I can say now the stomach bug did not it our house but a sinus infection followed by a secondary infection has.

R1 stayed home from school Monday. He ran a low temperature all day and I kept him pretty well medicated. So when he woke up yesterday and his fever was 100.8, I medicated him again and sent him to school. I know I get "Mom Of The Year" for that one. But he said he felt OK. I figured that once he got moving and in his school routine he would be better.

WRONG! He made it exactly 8.4 seconds in first period before asking to go see the nurse. Where she promptly took his temperature and it read 101.3. See I told you 'Mom Of The Year". He called me at work to come and pick him up. While on my way to get him I redeemed part of my mom status by calling the doctor and making him an appointment.

Here is where I must say I love our pediatrician. I don't really like giving him my money, but he and his staff are wonderful!! Dr. H is fantastic. We never feel like a number and he always takes his time with us. He never rushes or pushes us out the door. He has the best bedside manner. We have been going to him ever since R1 was born.

Dr. H does the question and answer thing and then the exam thing. Saying he has a secondary infection and is now placing R1 on a 5 day antibiotic along with breathing treatments so his cough will continue to loosen and not turn into croup.

Side note: I took the boys for well visits to the ear, nose, and throat doctor last week. R2 was perfect and R1 had a sinus infection. This does not surprise me. Hello we live in Southeast Texas and it's been so dry and the ragweed is running around rampant in the air, hence R1's first infection. Dr. J gave us two prescriptions to help.

And now my counter looks like an aisle at Walgreen's.

R1 is currently taking the following drugs prescriptions/medications:

1. Nasonex, for those lovely Southeast Texas allergies
2. Zyrtec, see #1 for reason
3. Prednisone, to jump start the drying out of his nasal passages, only for 5 days
4. Azithromycin, for the secondary infection
5. Albuterol, to help with the coughing, really as needed
6. Robitussin, for his coughing
7. Advil or Tylenol as needed for fever.

See told you I have half of Walgreen's pharmacy department in my kitchen.

Oh and I have completely redeemed my self as "Mom Of The Year". I stopped on our way home and got R1 some Wonton Soup from our favorite Chinese food place. And we snuggled on the couch and watched movies. I made sure he was comfortable and had all of his medication, on time too.

R1, I hope you are feeling better soon!! I love you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My life is interrupted by Gods divine intervention

So I've been gone from here for a few days, sorry. It's all been part of my life interrupted. I have seen God in the small moments, the divine intervention moments, but I am still trying to see him in the over all picture. How did someone else see God through my life's interruptions.

It seems ever since one of my best friends, Beth, began this bible study by Priscilla Shirer, title Jonah, A Life Interrupted, it has been one thing after another for both of us. She even called me one day asking me if I thought she was crazy doing a study about life's interruptions. My reply was an immediate yes! I probably wouldn't have even given much thought to the interruptions if not magnified the daily lessons during the bible study.

My life has been interrupted by car trouble. Several car issues I might say.

A list if you will.
1. Brake light sensor was starting to go out and Hubs had to replace the part. Not to expensive and only took about 10 minutes to repair.
A BIG expensive repair. A sensor went out in my transmissions causing damage. Enough said, moving on.
3. Got car back and front right fender area was making a chirping sound and the wheel was clicking. (I knew what that clicking sound meant. I had heard it before on Hubs' car, not good) The only thing was the car was not making these sound before it was repaired.
4. Took car in on Thursday and they fixed all the issues. A loose bolt was causing all of the noises and if not fixed it would have lead to a broke CV joint. (hence the clicking sound I heard)
5. Friday I went to leave for lunch and the battery was dead in my car. I know go ahead and say it. I did. UGH!!! So Saturday Hubs took the battery out of my car and back to the place where we purchased it two years earlier. They looked it up in their system and I purchased the battery on October 16, 2009 and Saturday was October 8, 2011. The business offers a two year warranty on their batteries. All I had to pay was a $3.00 state fee and I got a new battery.

I see the divine intervention in me having to bring the car back in. The repair was a warranty issue and didn't cost me anything but my time. I also see the divine intervention in the battery issue. Had it gone bad after the 16th I would have had to spend $80.00 to get a new battery instead of just $3.00.

I'm really hoping all of my car troubles are behind me. I think I have had enough character building experiencing with car trouble, but God may think other wise. We'll see. Through out all of this I have been praising Gods name. I have been thanking Him for the interruptions. I have been giving him all the glory He is so deserving of. I even got on my knees in my living room thanking Him for the warranty repair.

I know there will be many more interruptions during my life.
Maybe it was me who was supposed to see God working. I know this was his way of bringing me closer to Him. Maybe He wanted me to feel Him all around me, to see Him so clearly.

All I know is this, my Lord and savior will be right next to me. Holding me, giving me strength, guiding me. comforting me, and showing me just how real He is during His divine intervention.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There I said it. I said Dyslexia or Dyslexic.

My son, R2 is Dyslexic.

That was a hard word for me to swallow. Kindergarten was supposed to be a wonderful year of learning and getting a good start for the beginning of great school career. To put it mildly, Kindergarten was a nightmare. While socially R2 was growing wonderfully but scholastically it was a daily struggle.

But with the help of a wonderfully experienced Kindergarten teacher, at the end of the last school year we had R2 tested for Dyslexia. There were several factors during the school year that lead us to this decision.

We did have him tested on our own because the school system in Texas does not test for Dyslexia until the end of First grade and I was not willing to wait that long. I had to step up and be the voice for my child. I had to step up and get him the help he needed now and not wait until he was so far behind and his self esteem plummeted.

I did research, and lots of it.

So what exactly is Dyslexia? I asked the same question. It's not just the reversal of letters or numbers in your head. It's so much more than that.

Dyslexia is
a broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read,[1] and which can manifest itself as a difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, or rapid naming.[2][3] Dyslexia is separate and distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or from poor or inadequate reading instruction. (taken from Wikipedia)

R2 has what is know as phonemic dyslexia. He has difficulty blending sounds to make words. An example would be take the word MAT. We would sound out the letters M and A and T and then put them together to form the word. R2 doesn't have trouble with every word he tried to blend together but more often than not he does.

During the summer R2 worked with a Dyslexic specialist, whom we call Gummy. At least that is what her grand children call her and she told R2 he could call her that as well. She was absolutely wonderful. I was so thankful we found her. The improvement just after the first session was amazing. We spent many days at her house.

And another bit of good news, R2's First grade teacher used to do what the schools call specialty pull out classes for reading before she became a certified teacher. His teacher is fantastic! She has been working on a few things with him already and the school year has just begun. Can you say prayers answered!

A year ago I never imagined I'd be writing this post. A year ago I thought my youngest child would go to school and learn everything just the way he was supposed to learn everything.

But here I am telling you my child has dyslexia. I'm shouting it, MY CHILD HAS DYSLEXIA. In the worlds of my best friend, he's fixable. He's going to grow up and be OK. And while the road ahead is a long one and sometimes the bumps will feel more like I have just been pushed off a cliff, I know things are better and they are getting better. With the help from one awesome kindergarten teacher, a fabulous first grade teacher, Gummy, Hubs, and me R2 is and will be just fine.

Monday, October 3, 2011

50th Anniversary of the little church in the woods

This past weekend the church where Hubs and I attend celebrated it's 50th Anniversary.

What an amazing celebration it was. What started out as the little church in the woods is now the big church in the small woods.

Our church has had seven pastors in the past 50 years and of the seven, four were present this weekend. How awesome it was to have them there.

There were so many people in attendance this weekend. I was completely blown away.

Hubs has been attending the little church for 27 years, 14 of those years have been with me. I was baptized in this church and so was R1.

It was wonderful to catch up with everyone. I laughed so hard my sides ached and smiled so much my cheeks hurt.

I love my church. I love my church family and friends. Our preachers wife is one of my best friends.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this weekend. God started this journey 50 years ago. I can't wait to see what else He has in store for the little church in the woods for the next 50 years and beyond.