Sunday, June 30, 2019


Oh June was such a hard month. 

We lost my 16 year old niece on June 12. It came two days after losing sweet little Christian.

Katie was born with multiple health issues that ultimately lead to her passing. 

But for everything that sweet girl faced in her life, she always had a smile. Katie enjoyed doing what most 16 year old girls do, playing on her phone and her computer. She liked to watch movies and videos. She liked school too. She loved to see her teachers and her friends. But more importantly, she loved her family.  

Oh sweet Katie girl, I love you and I will miss you terribly. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Little Christian

There once was a little girl named Amanda who had a favorite teacher when she was in 4th grade. Her favorite teacher was my husband. 

When that girl grew up, she had a little boy and she named him Christian, after her favorite teacher. 

Sometimes people just grab a hold of your heart and you love them fiercely. Amanda, her little boy Christian, and her entire family are very special to us. 

This little boy was simply amazing and wonderful. He was absolutely precious. 

Yesterday, in the early morning hours, little Christian gained his angel wings.

I am heart broken. I will miss his sweet smile and the hugs he used to give me. We love you Christian and we will miss you so very much.