Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can some one turn off the light?

The sick monsters are back y'all and it seems they have taken up a permanent residence at my house. All I keep picturing are the Municex commercials where the nasty phlegm pulls everything he owns out of his suitcase and starts to furnish a room. GROSS! Once again R3 sick. Two weeks ago he an ear infection now he has a double ear infection. We are now going to an ENT. (Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist)

We went through this once before with R7. When he was just 9 months he had tubes put in his ears and all was right with the world again. I thought we had really beat this ear thing with R3. He never had the trouble his older brother had. But since the beginning of the year we have had nothing but trouble.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel but when the light comes on in our bedroom at say 2 am the tunnel seems endless. I am sleep deprived, well I was I stayed home today with R3 and we took a nap. I love naps. Anyway I am hoping this round of antibiotics with along with his sinus meds. will clear him up and we can get on with the tube in the ear thing.

I do have to say this all I see are dollar signs $$. There goes some of our stimulus money. GO Government! The ENT fee, the surgical hospital fee, and the anesthesiologist fee. Why can't we just pay once and be done? Oh don't you love it. It is never ending.

All I really want in the end is for my baby to get some much needed relief and me some sleep. I think since he is spending the night at the lake with Grandpa and Grandma I am going to take advantage of the situation. Spend the next 30 minutes trying to do the endless cycle of laundry, go snuggle with R7 for a while and then...go to sleep. Sleep ahhhh glorious sleep.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a bit of fibbing going on

OK so yesterday I fibbed just a bit. It wasn't just a much of nothing day. It was huge day but it wasn't filled with good news. Hubby asked me not to blog about it and because I love and respect him I didn't. But today was different and he gave his blessing to post about the events of his day yesterday.

Hubs applied for a new job within the school district where he works. He has been working in this district for 13 years as a teacher and coach. With this new job he would no longer have to coach. This was something we both were looking forward to. Yesterday he got the answer he was not expecting. He didn't get the position. He was pretty devastated. He called me and I knew by the tone of his voice it wasn't good. He was very qualified for this new position. He meet every requirement. He went to the principal of his campus and talked to him and then went to the head of the department for the job he didn't get. Both of them told him they had put his name at the top of the list for this new position. The head of the department was very upset by my husband not getting this job because he had hand picked him for it. I won't go into the details as to why and who over ruled the department head because I just might say somethings that are not very Christian like and I am trying to keep our focus on God during season of disappointment.

We know God is in control. All though we don't see it now. We know he closed this door and will open a new one, in his time. This is a hard thing to grasp right now because we are feeling hurt, mad, and jilted. When Hubs hurts, I hurt and right now we are feeling all of the above.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

This is the verse I am clinging to right now. I know He has plans to prosper us. Not necessarily monetarily but for us to grow and share Gods word. Who knows if a new job is in Gods plan for Hubs but what if it is and Hubs leads a new co-worker to Christ. How great that would be! I know God has already given me the hope of something good on the horizon with the closing of this door. The hope of a new one that will soon open. What a journey it will be when we open that door.

On a lighter note. Hubs talked again today with the department head. Who was still furious over yesterdays decision and told Hubs several things that eased his mind and his weary soul. God showed him why this door was possibly closed. It gave Hubs a new outlook this afternoon. Yesterday he came home and sat in his pity pot, well his chair. Which by the way was OK with me. Every now and then you need to do that. But today was different. He was almost back to his normal self. Once he told me he was better, I was better. I know how much he wanted this new job. I wanted it for him. We both wanted more time for us and for our family. Unless you know someone who is a coach, you have no idea how much time is taken up by this job. I usually say that I am a football widow instead of a hunting for fishing widow. So during this season I am asking for prayers. Prayers for Hubs, for me, and for our family. Prayers that God will continue to show us this new door and pull us out of this season and into the next.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Much of nothing

I can't believe that much of nothing was going on for a Monday. No fires at work to be put out. (pun intended) No rush to school because someone forget their backpack. No problems at home. Knock on wood. Just really not much going on today.

I did come home to a mountain of laundry that didn't get finished over the weekend. It didn't rain so I will have to water the yard since Hubby spread some Bonus S last week. No baseball today so the kids are going outside to play after they eat dinner. Just really not much going on today.

I like having these kinds of days every now and then. I like how they break up the routine and allow for some quality time with Hubby and kids. Right now the kids are finishing up putting the dishes away and I am just about done with my blog for the night.

So leave the laundry and go play with the kids. Have fun! I'm going to.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passover Seder

What a night last night! I don't even know where to begin. This is going to be a long post. I attended a Passover Seder. It was hosted by a friend named SR. He has been doing this for the last several years. He was awesome! My father is Jewish and during this Seder I kept having flash backs to when I was a child and we had everyone over during Passover. I would consider my childhood as a very unorthodox Jewish family. We would celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. I know strange. You have to know my parents. Anyway, I invited my dad to this thing last night but I had to explain to him it was more of teaching Seder than an actual Seder. You see my dad did grow up in a Jewish home and did attend Hebrew school. He had a Bar Mitzvah at 13 and still observes all Jewish holidays. SR, well here is some background information on him. He is a Baptist and grew up with a strong religious background. As and adult he decide to study Judaism. He knew that Jesus was Jewish man and the last supper is in fact a Seder. But he wasn't satisfied with that knowledge. He wanted more and so his journey began. He has done years of research and has a wonderful collection of Jewish religious pieces which he brought last night. So off my dad and I go and when we get to the church he puts on his yarmulke (Jewish skullcap) and pulls out his copy of a haggadah. (a book containing the ritual service for the Passover Seder) Now don't you feel educated? SR started by welcoming us and then he proceed to about Jesus and his family and his followers. He gave us all the Hebrew names and pronunciations. My dad said he would make a good Jewish man because he can hack like he has a chicken bone stuck in throat which is necessary to make all the proper pronunciations. The next thing was the order of the Seder and why the Jewish people do what they do and how they do it. Every thing in the Seder has an order to why it is done and how it is done. Very interesting. Right down to the washing of the hands and the drinking of the four glasses of wine. If one weren't careful you might get drunk. But alas we were using good ole' sparkling grape juice. (which I happen to like) This whole part of the service is long but very interesting. It takes about and hour and a half to get through just this part. After this section dinner was served. We ate and then finished the Seder. There was more to learn. To put all of this into a time frame for you we stared around 6:30-7pm and it ended around 9. I know I am leaving out so many of the details but if I didn't I would be here until 1AM and I still have laundry to fold. If you ever get the chance to attend something like this I highly recommend it. It was so interesting to learn. SR, I will be there every year! You did great. I asked my dad at the end how he did and he said this. "He is spot on! His pronunciation is excellent and his attention to detail is great. This is the best Seder I have been to in years!" For my dad to say this means SR was awesome. I am so glad that I asked my dad to go with me and share this experience. It is one which I will never forget.

New Header

I am so excited! I have a new header! It is so totally me! Also some of you might think that RR stands for rest & relaxation or rock & roll. It really is the first initial of my boys. RR Mama...R7 & R3. The only bad thing I have found with using 7 & 3 is that as their age changes I will have to change their numbers to the new age. Alas what is a mom to do?

Friday, April 25, 2008

We "were" experiencing internet difficuites

So last night after months of research on my husband's part the Dish Network guy came to our house to change over our regular cable to Dish satellite. After hours of walking through the house and numerous times in and out of our attic it was determined that he would have to move the existing satellite dish to the other end of the house due to group of very tall pine trees interfering with the signal. OK fine, I am thinking finally get that stupid thing off the front of my house and put it some where in the back! OH NO it is going on the front but really on the other end of the house on the side but will still visible from the front. So much for my dream of being able to stand in my front yard and notice only my beautiful plants and not this stupid metal thingy mounted to the side of my house. Can you see my joy in the situation? Can you? Then hubby says he is going to move the cable where our internet comes into the house to the other side of the living room so he won't have to run a cable on the floor when he wants faster service because our wireless isn't fast enough as direct tie in. OK what ever! He is the computer geek in the family not me so what ever he says is always right, yes I said always. Well he cuts the hole in the wall and has a snap in box for the hole he cut, good. Then he gets in the attic and proceeds to drill a hole to fish down the cable wire. He even has some glow rods to attach said wire to and fish down the wall so he can find said wire and pull into the pop in box he cut a hole for. Well his drill bit wasn't long enough to drill through the ninety five-hundred 2X4's in the attic. So he was going to get in his car and go to Lowe's and buy a new drill bit until I pointed out one small problem. It was 8:45 pm. There was no way he was going to make it into town from where we live in time to get there. So last night we had no internet. No internet! So yes we had internet technical difficulties at my house. But hubby took the day off today to remedy this situation. So this afternoon my beloved internet access will be fixed. Go hubby!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Adminstrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to me and to every one else this applies to. Yes I fall into this category. Like I stated in the about me section of my blog, I am the office manager. I run the office. So today when I got to work sales rep A bought me breakfast from Chik-fil-a. Ahhh nothing like a large sweet tea from there in the morning. He even got me a gift card from there as well. I was excited. Then sales rep M gave me card, cute to. My boss was out of the office most of the day and I really didn't see him till late in the afternoon. He gave me a card along with a gift certificate to the mall. I was really excited then. There have been several things I have had my eye on and now I have a little extra to spend as well. I am very blessed in the boss and sales rep departments. I am the only girl at work so this does help too. But I work with a great bunch of guys. Sales reps A & M usually don't give me to much grief. Well maybe just A. They are both a lot of fun to work with. The boss however is the best one I have ever had. He knows how important God and family are and when something is going on with mine, be it a sick child or a function at school I always get the same answer..Take care of the kids and see you tomorrow. As long as my work is done everything runs smoothly so if I need some time off I usually just have to ask and it is taken care of. I know that everyone is not as blessed as I am with a great boss and good co-workers so I hope you had a wonderful day. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Go take a water break you deserve it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seven random things

OK I am going to consider myself tagged by the Preacher's wife for this random thingy since we have a baseball game tonight and I must admit my blog time is limited. So here goes my seven.

1. My husband has a bobble head made in his likeness. Several years ago he won some kind of contest from the Houston Rockets organization. We got to go to a game and sit down on the court by the press. Before the game a sketch artist came over and drew several images of my husband. He got to design his own uniform, Rockets colors of course! And then several weeks later it arrived. Truth be told I think it doesn't look anything like him. But several people say it does. Anyway we have a nice conversation piece when people come over because it is displayed on top of my husbands computer armoire which is in our living room.

2. My oldest child, R7, can belch and put any grown man to shame. I must admit I am a bit embarrassed by this random fact. But it is still true. We found this out several years ago when he was around 3. We were out eating dinner at a restaurant where you actually go in and the waiter serves you, not McDonald's or Burger King. Anyway he was drinking a coke I think and in true R7 form he let a burp fly out. Boy did it fly. I wanted to crawl under the table. People were either looking at us in utter amazement or they were shaking their heads in shock. We made him say excuse me and sorry but that didn't stop him. From this point on it only gets worse as he gets older and hones his craft. Guess that is what happens when you have boys!

3. I love being outside but I can't stand the bees, wasps, or other stinging flying insects. I am actually terrified of these stupid bugs. I will run for my life when these flying things come near me. I know I am a grown adult. But you know it is one of those things I just can't seem to get over. I have even left my child on the back porch while I have run inside as not to get stung. I am ashamed of myself.

4. I am new to this bloggy thing and have become an addict. I read several blogs everyday. I love what most of them have to say. While I may not always agree with them, I respect them.

5. The city where I live is known for their museums. We have museums named after museums. On every corner there are museums. So if you like going to museums then you are set to live or visit here. (If you want to know where just email me)

6. I love shoes. I never seem to have enough. When we bought our house I cleaned out my shoes. I gave away around 30 yes 30 pairs and I still had around 20. Since my closet will never be as big as some on MTV Cribs, I have had to limit my shoe intake. Right now I have become very disciplined on my shoe purchases, buy one new pair throw one old pair away. This is very hard for me because you never know when you are going to need those shoes. Right now my favorite shoes are my Yellow Box flip flops. I love, love, love them. They have the cutest bling bling out there.

7. I just completed this random thing and it feels good. So now it is your turn...tag you're it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm turning into a bird watcher ya'll

This afternoon was one of those beautiful spring days. It was so nice outside. Hubby BBQ'd chicken, fresh corn on the cob, and potatoes. It was so yummy. I am still stuffed. While he was busy grillin' the boys played and I was taking a few pictures for The Preacher's Wife and her Spring Garden Tour on June 13th. Well this noise in one of the trees caught my attention. It was loud and very shrill. After looking at the tree for a minute something moved sideways. All I saw was a red and black feathers. It was really pretty and y'all know I am not a bird watcher but I could have been today. It was a woodpecker. A Pileated Woodpecker to be exact. Yeah I know my birds, well once I googled it I knew it. I even had the boys watching. They got out their lawn chairs and sat so still taking in this birds every move. It let is get so close to take pictures, almost as if it was posing for us. But then the next thing it did was so funny. It flew to my car door and just sat there. It was staring at itself in the window and it stayed there for quite a while. Once again it let us get close enough to take pictures. I am sure my neighbors thought I was nuts out in the yard taking pictures of a tree and my car. Finally the boys got tired of watching and the woodpecker and the woodpecker got tired of watching us and off it flew. But for a short moment we got a bird watching lesson. What can you find in your yard?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just a fun day

The boys were invited to a birthday party today at Chuck E Cheese. I am sure most of you know this is the mecca play/games place for kids. Every time we pass this place when we are out R3 starts to yell he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese. R7 is right there next to him just begging us to stop and have dinner there. I do admit we put our children off by saying it's closed or the games are not working today. And our favorite excuse no longer works, which was since the hurricane came it is closed because the roof caved in. It didn't but it did suffer damages which have since be repaired. I don't know about you but I couldn't stomach eating there all the time. Let alone the price would put a serious dent in my budget. Don't get me wrong though we do take them there but only occasionally. Anyway we got there and off they went into video game and ride heaven. Even though Chuck E Cheese has child security measures in place, I still follow my kids around. I give them some freedom but I keep my eyes on them at all times. R7 took his tokens went off to play every now and them coming to tell me where would be. R3 rode everything he set his sights on and played every game he was tall enough to play. Clearly his favorites were the monster truck and the jet ski. He rode those two rides over and over laughing each and every time. I love to see his smiling face, watching him have fun. When R7 was finished he ended up with about 140 tickets which need to be traded in to purchase some extreme prize which I am sure will end up lost or thrown away in a weeks time. I did take a few tokens and played some games to get R3 some tickets of his own. He had 44 which means he got three suckers and two pieces of candy. In my eyes it was junk but you should have seen his eyes light up when he put those pieces of candy into his pockets minus the sucker he put into his mouth. This was such a fun day. The boys had a great time. I loved watching them have fun and the bonus...knowing my wallet was not any emptier in the end.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did you know that I have yellow tears?

It's the icky slimy stuff that usually comes out of ones nose when they have cold or sinus infection. This morning it coming out of my eyes. Yes you heard me, my eyes. I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock only I couldn't open my eyes to see it. They were both matted shut. NASTY! So up out of bed and to the bathroom I go to wash my eyes. Once I was finally able to open them, I wanted to shut them back because they were burning so bad. But hence they were shut. Swollen so much they looked like they were still shut. Well after much coaxing with some steam from the shower my eyes finally opened. But when I looked in the mirror all I saw were two very puffy lines where my eyes were supposed to be. I proceed to find the eye drops but when I found the bottle it was empty. NOOOOOOOOOOO! My eyes were on fire and needed relief. I looked high and low and looked even for some drops that were prescribe to my son. But none were to be found. So after getting dressed I headed out to Walgreen's and bought some allergy eye drops but that didn't even help. I got to work and called the doctors office when they opened at nine and made an appointment. The only thing was they couldn't see me until 3:30 this afternoon. OK so I muddled through the day and finally I walked into the doctors office at 3:15. I was hoping if I got there early they could take me right back. Well after the usual pre-office visit exam, Gina my doctor came back. Yes we are on a first name basis and I just love her. She took one look at me and said your sinuses are a mess and have backed up into your tear ducts. Like I said before, NASTY! Oh yeah I even had a fever. So after a brief catch up I received the usual shot in the hip. Ahhh nothing like a steroid shot that stings and sits there burning for the next 4 hours. I also received a prescription for a Z-Pak and eye drops. Then Gina did as she always does. Loaded me up on samples. No need for extra prescripts. I am now the proud owner of about 30 Allegra-D and 2 bottles of nose spray. YEAH GINA. Good ole' Southeast Texas weather. It changes every 3 hours so you never know what you are going to end up with. Me...I got the the usual a sinus infection from rhymes with well, smell, tell, and...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight R7 has AWANA at church. I love this club. It teaches your child a nondenominational approach about Jesus and his love for us. (Even though it is held at our Baptist church) He has been going since he was four. He completed the first stage which was Cubbies, and is now a third year Spark. The first year he was in Spark he completed the Skipper book, review and all. The second year he complete the Hiker book, and the review and was on the review for a second time when the season came to an end. He won the Sparkie of the year award. I know I am bragging on him but this is a huge accomplishment. There are several sections in each book. They are comprised of Red Jewel and Green Jewel and Blue Jewel which is for attendance. Each Jewel is then also broken down into four sections. Each section contain 10-12 bible verses. Which your child must memorize where in the bible it came from and the verse. Then at the end of each jewel there is a review section that contains 15-20 verses from that section, hence the review part. R7 did this 2 1/2 times. He said over 280 bible verses! Now he is in the Climber section. Each child will have a vest that has the book patch which they have to earn and then a crow with slots on it for the jewels to be placed. They receive these jewels for each section completed and attendance. Like I said I love this club. Not only is he learning but I am learning to. We study each verse together and memorize them. We also look them up in the bible so we both know where to find them. Every now and them he will ponder of a verse and ask me why did Jesus do this and why did God do that. Together we go through the scripture and "do research" as he says. I enjoy spending time in God's word and even more so with my son. I am proud he is learning about the love Jesus has for us. If you church has this group and you are not currently involved I would highly recommend checking into. If your church does not offer this group, find one that does. This has been a blessing not only for R7 but for me as well. I can't wait till R3 is old enough to attend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We interrupt dinner for our regularly scheduled commercial break

Tonight at dinner R3 spilled his milk and as I was cleaning it up R7 breaks out with Mom, do you have tough and stubborn stains? If so then you need Oxy Clean. It will get the stain right out. Hubby (He just came and looked over my shoulder and has told me his name is not Hubby and is now The Boss, as I just roll my eyes) "The Boss" and I just look at him and laugh. Well I guess he thought that was an OK to keep right on going with his commercial break. So then he asked if we are tired of watering plants or plants dying? If so then we need the Aqua Globe. It even comes in his favorite color. I don't even have plants that need to be watered inside the house. My philosophy is if the rain can water my flowers and plants outside then why do I need them inside. The Boss then starts to tell him this can be his talent for the upcoming talent show. He can do the commercials between the acts and if he really wants to do this he will talk to his teacher. So if any of you have a need for product spokesman just let me know, I might have a future one on my hands.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful Forgiveness

It was a beautiful weekend in Texas! So nice I opened all the windows and we played outside most of Saturday and Sunday. I am sure the weather will go back to the normal 110* in the next few weeks. It's not a normal day in Southeast Texas if the temperature is below 90*. R7 had baseball games Thursday and Friday and then he went to the lake with his grandparents. R3 was sick all week and was just starting to feel better on Friday. Thank goodness. I was READY for the sick monsters to leave our house and find a new domain. We hung out at some friends on Saturday night. They even grilled steaks, corn, and baked potatoes. Good job on the steaks C! While we were there a friend really hurt my feelings. I felt like she threw me under a bus and rolled right over me with out even stopping. I just went along for the rest of the evening, putting on a good face. I must admit, I wanted to run! Run home and comfort myself with some Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I mean the more I thought about the more it hurt. I didn't want to keep feeling so lousy and I didn't want to say anything to her out of anger so I got out my bible and started to read. This is what I turned to...But Jesus answered. "Seventy seven times." meaning that we shouldn't keep track of how many times we forgive someone. We should always forgive...Matthew 18:22. Wow! God knew what I needed to hear or should I say read. I know as much as what she said hurt, I will need to forgive her. I prayed and ask for Gods forgiveness for myself and her. I did this and will now go forth from this point on. I will leave this in Gods hands so He may heal my wound and make me whole again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Fiesta Friday

medium button
A thank you to Big Mama for her wonderful idea for a fashion Friday post. I have been reading her blog for a while and I must say she is AWESOME! I loved the fashion flashback pictures she has posted. And for the record I to had Yo-Yo shoes in tan and white. Did I just admit to that? Personally I am new to the bloggy thing so I am not exactly sure how this all works but I am very hopeful. My closet is very organized. I am some what of a neat freak in the closet area. My clothes are in order by color going from lightest to darkest. The shirts are all together with the short sleeves first then long. Then my capri pants and so on. I know sounds very OCD. I do have to admit I worked as an assistant buyer to the junior clothing department for a Texas retail chain in the late 80's early 90's. This would be the reason my closet looks the way it does. Now on the the jewelry. Each one of these pieces represents something very special to me. The sapphire ring was bought for me the day I was born by my grandmother and given to me the day I married Mr. Wonderful as my something blue. All the remaining items were given to me by Mr. Wonderful. The diamond earrings for our 5th Christmas together. The James Avery Ichthus bracelet was for our anniversary a couple of years ago and the ID bangle was given on my birthday the first year we were married. I wear each of these every day with the exception of the earrings. I change those as needed depending on the outfit and the occasion. Well that's it for me and my closet. Who else is up to the fashion challenge?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shine on baby!

Well this wasn't the topic I was going to talking about but with the events from last night I couldn't help myself. While I was getting my hair done for my latest fashion shoot..yeah just kidding. I was getting my hair done and hubby was home with the sick child. Our friends S & G picked up R7 for baseball practice. They are both such an inspiration to me. They love God and their family and it shows. We share common beliefs on how to raise our children. I love hanging out with them and their four kids, H,J,and the twins(a boy and girl) M&M. I am truly blessed to have them in my life. OK now that I have rambled on about them back to the story. Anyway their youngest son M is on the same team as R7 so G picked him up for me and took him to practice. So I get home after the fashion shoot and R7 isn't home yet but I get a call from the coaches wife asking if he has made it home. I tell her no and then ask why. She says well he had a little trouble today but he is fine. We put ice on it and it shouldn't swell to bad. GREAT and then ask what kind of trouble. Before she could answer I cut her off and told her that G is pulling in the drive way and I would call her back. So out of the truck R7 comes with the biggest shiner on his left eye! Now normally I am not the calmest person in the world when it comes to big accidents happening to my kids. I will have to post about an ER trip 2 Thanksgiving's ago when R3 wasn't quite 2. But I have had experience with this before. It seems every season doesn't "officially" start until R7 gets hit in the face by a ball. G was quick to apologize and I told him it happens and not to worry, no bleeding and no trip to the ER, all is good. What I didn't think about until after he left was if R7 was playing catcher with a face mask on how did this happen. So I called the coaches wife to let her know all was fine and to get more details. The team was taking in field practice so R7 apparently didn't have all of his gear on. I also didn't know that it was M who threw the ball to R7, who wasn't watching, and hit him. Guess that got his attention. But that also explains why G kept apologizing. So I called G&S and told them he was fine and was actually proud of his new look. So with out further ado here is a picture of the catcher with his shiner.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Calling in the reinforcements

Well the sick monster has been working over time at our house. R3 still has a fever (102.0) and a nasty runny nose. Hubby couldn't take off work because of TAKS testing and I couldn't take off either because my boss just left on vacation today, lucky him. So what does a mama do in time of need? Call for reinforcements. THE GRANDPARENTS! So I called last night and they graciously drove an hour and a half to arrive at our house at 7am to come and take care of their poor sick little baby. Not only did they both come, they also took him to the doctor and then dropped off and picked up his prescription. They also asked him what he wanted for lunch. His reply was ice cream. So off to Dairy Queen they went. When grandma called to tell me the doctor said he has an ear infection she also told me he was the hit of the doctors office. So I asked what he did. She said nothing just telling everyone who would listen about his cowboy boots. Boots, what boots? I put out Crocs. At this point I am getting a mental picture of this little blond haired boy with a t-shirt and shorts with cowboy boots. What a sight!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I wonder if Jimmy Buffet likes french fries?

So I picked the kids up from school today and get bombarded by the same question I am asked every day by these two growing boys...can I have a snack when we get home and what are we having for dinner? Well today R7 must not have eaten his lunch at school because as soon as he got in the car he said he was wasting away. I immediately started to hum Margaritaville in my head and totally forgot to answer his question. Then he states my SUV smells like McDonald's french fries and he is STARVING. What?! French fries?! I didn't even have fast food for lunch today. I have my car washed and vacuumed on a regular basis, I even go so far as to spray Frebreze Air Effects every once in a while. Well we arrive home and I produce a healthy snack for the boys not the usual of just finding the quickest thing in the pantry. All the while I am trying to plan out a way to take my car to have it cleaned. No way possible. R7 has baseball lessons tonight. Darn! We come home and I say lets play outside thinking I can at least vacuum the SUV and spray some good smelly stuff but oh no! The cleaning Goddesses had other plans for the night. R3 decides he wants to run a fever (101.1) and just sit in my lap. OK so I call hubby who is at a track meet and tell him to bring home all the "sick people supplies". When he finally comes home and walks in the door the first thing he asks....What's for dinner, I am starving. I just start singing in a very loud voice...Wasted away again in Margaritaville. Come on sing it with me.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baseball and Manhood

Here it is my first official post besides the "about me" section. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Well it was a baseball kind of weekend. R7 had pictures Saturday morning and then a game in the afternoon. So we were at the ball park for the better part of the day. R3 did great because he usually takes a nap around 1 and didn't take one all day. Our team won! R7 had some good plays, he is the catcher. I love to watch him when he gets the ball because he plants him self right in front of home plate and holds the ball so tight just daring the runner to come on home. Then today we went to watch my nephew play. So we spent a second day at the ball park. They to won their game. Well he had 3 games to be exact. After his last game he asked my sister if he could go and get a drink. When he returned he said, "Mom did you see the girl behind the concession stand? She's HOT! Don't tell dad I said that." My sister just shook her head, laughed and said,"Guess my boy of 9 years old had to grow up sometime."