Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a bit of fibbing going on

OK so yesterday I fibbed just a bit. It wasn't just a much of nothing day. It was huge day but it wasn't filled with good news. Hubby asked me not to blog about it and because I love and respect him I didn't. But today was different and he gave his blessing to post about the events of his day yesterday.

Hubs applied for a new job within the school district where he works. He has been working in this district for 13 years as a teacher and coach. With this new job he would no longer have to coach. This was something we both were looking forward to. Yesterday he got the answer he was not expecting. He didn't get the position. He was pretty devastated. He called me and I knew by the tone of his voice it wasn't good. He was very qualified for this new position. He meet every requirement. He went to the principal of his campus and talked to him and then went to the head of the department for the job he didn't get. Both of them told him they had put his name at the top of the list for this new position. The head of the department was very upset by my husband not getting this job because he had hand picked him for it. I won't go into the details as to why and who over ruled the department head because I just might say somethings that are not very Christian like and I am trying to keep our focus on God during season of disappointment.

We know God is in control. All though we don't see it now. We know he closed this door and will open a new one, in his time. This is a hard thing to grasp right now because we are feeling hurt, mad, and jilted. When Hubs hurts, I hurt and right now we are feeling all of the above.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

This is the verse I am clinging to right now. I know He has plans to prosper us. Not necessarily monetarily but for us to grow and share Gods word. Who knows if a new job is in Gods plan for Hubs but what if it is and Hubs leads a new co-worker to Christ. How great that would be! I know God has already given me the hope of something good on the horizon with the closing of this door. The hope of a new one that will soon open. What a journey it will be when we open that door.

On a lighter note. Hubs talked again today with the department head. Who was still furious over yesterdays decision and told Hubs several things that eased his mind and his weary soul. God showed him why this door was possibly closed. It gave Hubs a new outlook this afternoon. Yesterday he came home and sat in his pity pot, well his chair. Which by the way was OK with me. Every now and then you need to do that. But today was different. He was almost back to his normal self. Once he told me he was better, I was better. I know how much he wanted this new job. I wanted it for him. We both wanted more time for us and for our family. Unless you know someone who is a coach, you have no idea how much time is taken up by this job. I usually say that I am a football widow instead of a hunting for fishing widow. So during this season I am asking for prayers. Prayers for Hubs, for me, and for our family. Prayers that God will continue to show us this new door and pull us out of this season and into the next.

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Ok so now I look like a mentally unstable part of a wheel on a car.