Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baseball and Manhood

Here it is my first official post besides the "about me" section. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Well it was a baseball kind of weekend. R7 had pictures Saturday morning and then a game in the afternoon. So we were at the ball park for the better part of the day. R3 did great because he usually takes a nap around 1 and didn't take one all day. Our team won! R7 had some good plays, he is the catcher. I love to watch him when he gets the ball because he plants him self right in front of home plate and holds the ball so tight just daring the runner to come on home. Then today we went to watch my nephew play. So we spent a second day at the ball park. They to won their game. Well he had 3 games to be exact. After his last game he asked my sister if he could go and get a drink. When he returned he said, "Mom did you see the girl behind the concession stand? She's HOT! Don't tell dad I said that." My sister just shook her head, laughed and said,"Guess my boy of 9 years old had to grow up sometime."

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