Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Calling in the reinforcements

Well the sick monster has been working over time at our house. R3 still has a fever (102.0) and a nasty runny nose. Hubby couldn't take off work because of TAKS testing and I couldn't take off either because my boss just left on vacation today, lucky him. So what does a mama do in time of need? Call for reinforcements. THE GRANDPARENTS! So I called last night and they graciously drove an hour and a half to arrive at our house at 7am to come and take care of their poor sick little baby. Not only did they both come, they also took him to the doctor and then dropped off and picked up his prescription. They also asked him what he wanted for lunch. His reply was ice cream. So off to Dairy Queen they went. When grandma called to tell me the doctor said he has an ear infection she also told me he was the hit of the doctors office. So I asked what he did. She said nothing just telling everyone who would listen about his cowboy boots. Boots, what boots? I put out Crocs. At this point I am getting a mental picture of this little blond haired boy with a t-shirt and shorts with cowboy boots. What a sight!

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