Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm turning into a bird watcher ya'll

This afternoon was one of those beautiful spring days. It was so nice outside. Hubby BBQ'd chicken, fresh corn on the cob, and potatoes. It was so yummy. I am still stuffed. While he was busy grillin' the boys played and I was taking a few pictures for The Preacher's Wife and her Spring Garden Tour on June 13th. Well this noise in one of the trees caught my attention. It was loud and very shrill. After looking at the tree for a minute something moved sideways. All I saw was a red and black feathers. It was really pretty and y'all know I am not a bird watcher but I could have been today. It was a woodpecker. A Pileated Woodpecker to be exact. Yeah I know my birds, well once I googled it I knew it. I even had the boys watching. They got out their lawn chairs and sat so still taking in this birds every move. It let is get so close to take pictures, almost as if it was posing for us. But then the next thing it did was so funny. It flew to my car door and just sat there. It was staring at itself in the window and it stayed there for quite a while. Once again it let us get close enough to take pictures. I am sure my neighbors thought I was nuts out in the yard taking pictures of a tree and my car. Finally the boys got tired of watching and the woodpecker and the woodpecker got tired of watching us and off it flew. But for a short moment we got a bird watching lesson. What can you find in your yard?

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I am not "Hubby" I am "The Boss"!