Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seven random things

OK I am going to consider myself tagged by the Preacher's wife for this random thingy since we have a baseball game tonight and I must admit my blog time is limited. So here goes my seven.

1. My husband has a bobble head made in his likeness. Several years ago he won some kind of contest from the Houston Rockets organization. We got to go to a game and sit down on the court by the press. Before the game a sketch artist came over and drew several images of my husband. He got to design his own uniform, Rockets colors of course! And then several weeks later it arrived. Truth be told I think it doesn't look anything like him. But several people say it does. Anyway we have a nice conversation piece when people come over because it is displayed on top of my husbands computer armoire which is in our living room.

2. My oldest child, R7, can belch and put any grown man to shame. I must admit I am a bit embarrassed by this random fact. But it is still true. We found this out several years ago when he was around 3. We were out eating dinner at a restaurant where you actually go in and the waiter serves you, not McDonald's or Burger King. Anyway he was drinking a coke I think and in true R7 form he let a burp fly out. Boy did it fly. I wanted to crawl under the table. People were either looking at us in utter amazement or they were shaking their heads in shock. We made him say excuse me and sorry but that didn't stop him. From this point on it only gets worse as he gets older and hones his craft. Guess that is what happens when you have boys!

3. I love being outside but I can't stand the bees, wasps, or other stinging flying insects. I am actually terrified of these stupid bugs. I will run for my life when these flying things come near me. I know I am a grown adult. But you know it is one of those things I just can't seem to get over. I have even left my child on the back porch while I have run inside as not to get stung. I am ashamed of myself.

4. I am new to this bloggy thing and have become an addict. I read several blogs everyday. I love what most of them have to say. While I may not always agree with them, I respect them.

5. The city where I live is known for their museums. We have museums named after museums. On every corner there are museums. So if you like going to museums then you are set to live or visit here. (If you want to know where just email me)

6. I love shoes. I never seem to have enough. When we bought our house I cleaned out my shoes. I gave away around 30 yes 30 pairs and I still had around 20. Since my closet will never be as big as some on MTV Cribs, I have had to limit my shoe intake. Right now I have become very disciplined on my shoe purchases, buy one new pair throw one old pair away. This is very hard for me because you never know when you are going to need those shoes. Right now my favorite shoes are my Yellow Box flip flops. I love, love, love them. They have the cutest bling bling out there.

7. I just completed this random thing and it feels good. So now it is your turn...tag you're it!

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