Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight R7 has AWANA at church. I love this club. It teaches your child a nondenominational approach about Jesus and his love for us. (Even though it is held at our Baptist church) He has been going since he was four. He completed the first stage which was Cubbies, and is now a third year Spark. The first year he was in Spark he completed the Skipper book, review and all. The second year he complete the Hiker book, and the review and was on the review for a second time when the season came to an end. He won the Sparkie of the year award. I know I am bragging on him but this is a huge accomplishment. There are several sections in each book. They are comprised of Red Jewel and Green Jewel and Blue Jewel which is for attendance. Each Jewel is then also broken down into four sections. Each section contain 10-12 bible verses. Which your child must memorize where in the bible it came from and the verse. Then at the end of each jewel there is a review section that contains 15-20 verses from that section, hence the review part. R7 did this 2 1/2 times. He said over 280 bible verses! Now he is in the Climber section. Each child will have a vest that has the book patch which they have to earn and then a crow with slots on it for the jewels to be placed. They receive these jewels for each section completed and attendance. Like I said I love this club. Not only is he learning but I am learning to. We study each verse together and memorize them. We also look them up in the bible so we both know where to find them. Every now and them he will ponder of a verse and ask me why did Jesus do this and why did God do that. Together we go through the scripture and "do research" as he says. I enjoy spending time in God's word and even more so with my son. I am proud he is learning about the love Jesus has for us. If you church has this group and you are not currently involved I would highly recommend checking into. If your church does not offer this group, find one that does. This has been a blessing not only for R7 but for me as well. I can't wait till R3 is old enough to attend!

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