Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just a fun day

The boys were invited to a birthday party today at Chuck E Cheese. I am sure most of you know this is the mecca play/games place for kids. Every time we pass this place when we are out R3 starts to yell he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese. R7 is right there next to him just begging us to stop and have dinner there. I do admit we put our children off by saying it's closed or the games are not working today. And our favorite excuse no longer works, which was since the hurricane came it is closed because the roof caved in. It didn't but it did suffer damages which have since be repaired. I don't know about you but I couldn't stomach eating there all the time. Let alone the price would put a serious dent in my budget. Don't get me wrong though we do take them there but only occasionally. Anyway we got there and off they went into video game and ride heaven. Even though Chuck E Cheese has child security measures in place, I still follow my kids around. I give them some freedom but I keep my eyes on them at all times. R7 took his tokens went off to play every now and them coming to tell me where would be. R3 rode everything he set his sights on and played every game he was tall enough to play. Clearly his favorites were the monster truck and the jet ski. He rode those two rides over and over laughing each and every time. I love to see his smiling face, watching him have fun. When R7 was finished he ended up with about 140 tickets which need to be traded in to purchase some extreme prize which I am sure will end up lost or thrown away in a weeks time. I did take a few tokens and played some games to get R3 some tickets of his own. He had 44 which means he got three suckers and two pieces of candy. In my eyes it was junk but you should have seen his eyes light up when he put those pieces of candy into his pockets minus the sucker he put into his mouth. This was such a fun day. The boys had a great time. I loved watching them have fun and the bonus...knowing my wallet was not any emptier in the end.

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so excited you are going to play along on the Garden Tour! Get those pictures ready - I can't wait to see your pretty yard. :)))