Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We interrupt dinner for our regularly scheduled commercial break

Tonight at dinner R3 spilled his milk and as I was cleaning it up R7 breaks out with Mom, do you have tough and stubborn stains? If so then you need Oxy Clean. It will get the stain right out. Hubby (He just came and looked over my shoulder and has told me his name is not Hubby and is now The Boss, as I just roll my eyes) "The Boss" and I just look at him and laugh. Well I guess he thought that was an OK to keep right on going with his commercial break. So then he asked if we are tired of watering plants or plants dying? If so then we need the Aqua Globe. It even comes in his favorite color. I don't even have plants that need to be watered inside the house. My philosophy is if the rain can water my flowers and plants outside then why do I need them inside. The Boss then starts to tell him this can be his talent for the upcoming talent show. He can do the commercials between the acts and if he really wants to do this he will talk to his teacher. So if any of you have a need for product spokesman just let me know, I might have a future one on my hands.

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