Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful Forgiveness

It was a beautiful weekend in Texas! So nice I opened all the windows and we played outside most of Saturday and Sunday. I am sure the weather will go back to the normal 110* in the next few weeks. It's not a normal day in Southeast Texas if the temperature is below 90*. R7 had baseball games Thursday and Friday and then he went to the lake with his grandparents. R3 was sick all week and was just starting to feel better on Friday. Thank goodness. I was READY for the sick monsters to leave our house and find a new domain. We hung out at some friends on Saturday night. They even grilled steaks, corn, and baked potatoes. Good job on the steaks C! While we were there a friend really hurt my feelings. I felt like she threw me under a bus and rolled right over me with out even stopping. I just went along for the rest of the evening, putting on a good face. I must admit, I wanted to run! Run home and comfort myself with some Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I mean the more I thought about the more it hurt. I didn't want to keep feeling so lousy and I didn't want to say anything to her out of anger so I got out my bible and started to read. This is what I turned to...But Jesus answered. "Seventy seven times." meaning that we shouldn't keep track of how many times we forgive someone. We should always forgive...Matthew 18:22. Wow! God knew what I needed to hear or should I say read. I know as much as what she said hurt, I will need to forgive her. I prayed and ask for Gods forgiveness for myself and her. I did this and will now go forth from this point on. I will leave this in Gods hands so He may heal my wound and make me whole again.

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