Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still tired

Oh my word, I'm still exhausted from the weekend.

All did was drive ball players around, eat some great Cajun food, and sit and watch a few ball games.

Who am I kidding, I was a nervous watcher. Wringing my hands and pulling my shoulders up around my neck. And driving in a town where I have no idea where I am going. All that equals mental stress.

Anyway, I'm still tired so I'm off to recoup.

Y'all have great day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Romp In The Swamp CHAMPIONS

We are the CHAMPIONS!

R1 had a baseball tournament in Crowley, Louisiana this past weekend and and we won!!

I am so proud of our boys they played great all weekend.

And a shout out to Hubs who couldn't make it this weekend but he did manage to play laundry fairy and when R1 and I came home it was all done!! Thanks Hubs!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baseball, baseball, and more baseball

Oh my word, this is only the beginning of the season and already I'm whooped!

The boys schedules are already conflicting and Hubs and I are running from practice/game to the next.

This weekend R1 has a tournament out of town and R2 has a game here. So Hubs will stay with R2, because he is one of the coaches, and I will be running with R1.

But my real problem is this...does any one have a laundry fairy I can borrow or a clean bathroom fairy. I am in desperate need of both!

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few weeks ago I snapped this picture of R2 while he was taking a nap.

He woke up mid nap and leaned over the side of the couch. And then proceeded to sleep that way for the next hour.

I guess when you are that tired it doesn't matter how or where you fall asleep.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayers for the The Palace

A bloggy friend of mine put up a post the other day, well her friend Shannon did. If you get the chance go visit The Queen B.

She and her family could use some prayers right now.

Thanks. I know she will appreciate it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


You know you are dedicated when...

R1 had a tournament this past weekend. And a cold front blew in that made the temps dip down into the 40's-50's. And the wind never did let up. We had gusts into the 40 mph range.

So we bundled up with blankets, gloves, thermal socks, and hand warmers. But the wind kept on coming.

We played two games Saturday, even after a 5 hour rain delay. Ended up losing on Sunday. I don't normally like to lose, but it was so cold I was kinda glad.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, I'm off to do the laundry I didn't get done over the weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Zoo

Last week while we were on spring break Hubs and I took the boys to the Houston Zoo.

We usually go to the zoo sometime in June or July, when it's about 127 degrees outside. It's so hot that even the animals don't want to be there.
Most of the animals are not out and the ones that are, are just lying around because when you weigh 500lbs and have fur would you want to move around in the heat?

But this year we planned it. Go in March when the weather is beautiful. And that is just what it was. BEAUTIFUL.

The temperature was in the low 70's. We walked around and I didn't break a sweat once. There was even a slight breeze.

But best of all the animals were out. All of them. And much to my surprise, it was mating season. I guess when the weather man said it was spring fling time, he meant it.

As we were walking along we came upon the flamingos and swans. And guess what the swans were mating! R1 looked at me and asked why one swan was trying to push the other under the water. I told him I didn't know and suggested that we keep walking.

Later we ran into some friends who had just come from the frog exhibit and they said the same thing. They to were breeding.

There were several other animals that were feeling the love too. I just kept telling the boys, oh aren't they nice, lets keep moving.

Over all the day was great and everyone had a good time. But I have to admit my favorite part of the day was going to eat Mexican food at Pappasito's. They have the best fajitas served with this garlic butter sauce. And their hot sauce is a food group all it's own.

OK now I want some chips and hot sauce.

Y'all have a great day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Butt, it's whats for dessert

I still have so much to tell from our spring break but right now my head is pounding and all I can think about is crawling into my bed and sleeping for hours.

But I will leave you with this little story from last night.

Hubs was bathing R2 and when he got out of the bath R2 said this.

"Hey daddy, you are such a cutie, I could eat you up." R2 then starts to act like he is going to eat up Hubs.

But what came out of his mouth next was hilarious.

R2 then says," Looks like butt for dessert!"

Where he gets it from I don't know.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rascal Flatts sang to me on my birthday, kinda

So on Wednesday for my birthday Hubs took me to the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo. The entertainment for the night featured one of my favorite groups.


I absolutely love them and consider myself a loyal fan. I have all of their CD's but I have never seen them in concert.

They were fabulous!

But as usual things are always an adventure and this time was no different. I'll start from the beginning,because well, it's a good place to start.

We headed for Houston early Wednesday afternoon. We got to our friends around 4:30. Debbie and Cliff were going to babysit and dogsit for us so we could go to the rodeo.

Tammy, their daughter, got there first and started to cook dinner for everyone while I got ready.

The rodeo started at 6:45pm, and Debbie said it takes about an hour with traffic to get to Reliant Stadium.

Before we leave Hubs and I discuss doing the park and ride thing. It's where you park at a specific high school and a shuttle takes you to Reliant Stadium.

But what I heard about park and ride was that it quit running before the concert ended. And I have to admit I didn't do my homework and took someones word for it. Hubs on the other hand asked several friends and they all said it quit some time around midnight or soon after.

But being the hard headed person I am, we left at 5:30, and true to Debbie's word we sat in traffic and arrived at 6:30pm.

What we didn't know was that the fair was also at the rodeo and all of the parking at the stadium was blocked off, unless you were handicap.

There were two cash parking lots one some where along Main and the other where Astroworld used to be. Neither were easy to get to.

After sitting in parking traffic, I made an executive decision to park in some off the wall parking lot, where someone was charging $10.00 to park. I figured either we would come out and my car would be gone or it would still be there but with a window busted out.

By the time we parked and hiked a mile, me in high heeled boots, we managed to get into the stadium just in time to order some food and sit down to watch the muttin races.

Muttin races are where kids ride sheep, as if they were bulls. It's really cute. And just so you know the food was completely over priced. A hamburger and fries were $11.00, drink not included!

We ate and then found our seats and were sitting in them all of 5.2 seconds and the lights dimmed for the show.

The funny thing was I wasn't even mad about sitting in traffic, not finding a parking space, hiking a mile to and from the stadium, and paying to much for food.

I got to see Rascal Flatts on my birthday! I got to hear them sing! And I loved every minute!!

Thanks Hubs!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Puffs lotion tissues with Vicks is the bomb

Well I'm back from spring break. We had a wonderful time doing what ever we wanted pretty much when ever we wanted.

And while each day was packed full of fun stuff, the week didn't start out so great.

What ever is being stirred up by the constant breeze around here has found it's way into my sinus cavity.

I had the worst case of a allergies/head cold. I mean I was flat out miserable. I couldn't breathe and my eyes watered and itched at the same time. My face was starting to feel raw from all the rubbing and scratching.

The first day I tried the normal sinus medicine. Tylenol allergy/sinus. And when that failed me I went straight for the Zyrtec and Vicks.

I found this the other day when I was out shopping and I thought to my self I might need these but little did I know I would need them the next week.

All I can say is Puffs ROCK! Not only did the lotion soothe my nose but the smell of Vicks was like greeting a friend from my childhood. Well not really.

But I remember my mom would slather Vicks on my chest and a little on my nose at night when I was sick to help me sleep.

You know it's bad when you walk around your house carrying a box of tissues just so you can smell that sweet medicated smell that will clear your nasal passages for hours.


After three days of nearly overdosing my self on Zyrtec, Vicks, Advil, and maybe a glass of wine or three the pressure in my head started to ease up. And I was able to function more instead of sitting my couch watching more episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County while holding a Vicks scented tissue to my nose.

The rest of the week was busy. Wednesday was my birthday. And Hubs took me to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo to see Rascal Flatts. But that is another post for another day.

We also took the kids to the Houston Zoo, again another post.

Now it's time to get back into the groove of things. I could use another week off. I mean really look at this weather.

Y'all have a great Monday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for a break.

I am ready for a no schedule, no running from here to there kinda week. We don't even have a baseball tournament.

The kids are out of school, which also means Hubs is off. And I took vacation too.

Woo Hoo!!!

We have several things planned but for the most part we are just gonna wing it! What ever happens, happens.

I am also going to take the week off from blogging, not that I have been consistent lately.

So I hope y'all have a great week. And hopefully I will have so very funny stories to tell you when I get back!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love it when God sends you signs of confirmation on a decision.

Almost a year ago I made decision, after praying about it for months, to walk away from an aspect of my life that just wasn't good for me any longer.

I prayed daily for God to show me in a BIG way what his choice was for me regarding this matter. He not only kept telling me what His decision was but he also brought me peace about the decision.

And God has kept re-affirming his choice for me during this journey. He has kept me safe when confronted. He has kept me humble when faced with this issue. He has kept me gracious when asked about this aspect.

While I some times miss this aspect, He has blessed so much more than I deserve.

The saying, When God closes one door, He opens another is so true.

But here is how I like to look at it.

When God closes one door, He opens another, you just have to get through the hell in the hallway!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Storm came

It was a great weekend. R1 has his first baseball tournament. He and his team did great considering they are a 9U (9 and under) team and we had to play up this weekend, we played all 10U teams. At one point it was his team against our organizations 10U team. We played hard gave them everything we had but we lost. 8-5. Not to shabby and we held our head high.

Here are few pictures from the weekend.

And my favorite of the weekend