Monday, October 21, 2013

The Haunted Hotel

So it's Sunday night and I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and trying to figure out what to blog about. 

I keep flipping back and forth between old episodes of Beverly Hills 90201, the one where Donna Martin gets drunk at prom and then gets suspended from all senior activities to be exact, and a concert from last year of Rascal Flatts with Journey. 

And nothing like a little flash back to the glory music of the 80's when just about every song had a synthesizer solo. I can't begin to tell you how much as a forty something year old I loved Journey. I spent many a nights listening to their albums and cassette tapes. I believe that I even had to purchase a second copy of their Frontiers cassette because I wore it completely out. I also spent way to much babysitting money goint to their concerts. 

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night R1 and a group of his friends, oh say 20 of them, all got together and decided to go out to eat and make a trip to the Haunted Hotel. All of that translates into the parents drive the kids to go eat and then drive them to the Haunted Hotel. So not only was there a group of kids but a group of parents.  

So after an hour eating we loaded up into several cars and headed to the Haunted Hotel. I had already decided ahead of time that I did my parental duty last year and went into the Hotel so I wasn't going in this year. I wasn't the only parent who had made this decision as a matter of fact the three other people I went through with last year had decided not to go in as well. After spending four hours of "hanging out" this is how the night ended. 

The kids

And the moms


Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday BFF

Today is Beth's birthday. She is one of my dearest friends and I love her to pieces. The boys call her my BFF, hence the title of this post. 

Over the years we have spent a lot of time together. So much so we start responding to things the same way or thinking the same things. It's kind of scary when people comment about it, not really. It just means she's rubbing off on me.

She has one of the most infectious laughs. She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She has a love for God like I have never seen. I truly cherish her friendship and I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life.


Hanging out at a Fouth of July celebration

Annual VBS grocery shopping trip

When she won her excellence in education award

Hanging out a church
See I told you, absolutely beautiful!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Color Rush 2013

Beth's daughter Alex is like my own child. I love her to pieces. Come May I'm sure I will be crying my eyes out when she leaves for college. But for now I'm OK. 

She is in National Honor Society at school one of the requirements was to join the NHS color rush team for her high school. 

What is color rush you might ask? It's a 5K run/walk that benefits the Julie Rogers gift of life program. You can go here to read more about it. 

Anyway, she needed to find an adult and a student to walk with her as part of the team. And since Beth hurt her back a few weeks ago, she kind of sort of asked me and I kind of sort of volunteered. And I volunteered R1. 

So this past Saturday I got up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready. I woke R1 up about 10 minutes before Alex showed up at 7AM. He was not to happy so I will spare all of you the picture of him with his less than enthusiastic face. 

The Color Rush was so much fun! It only took us just under an hour to walk the 3.2 miles and in the process we were covered with dyed cornstarch. We looked like a rainbow or an Easter egg if you're shaped like me. 

Here is the picture after we completed the walk. Medals and all.

We had so much fun we are going to make it annual event.