Friday, March 8, 2019

50 Years

I turn 50 years old this weekend.
I can remember a time when I thought 30, 40, and 50 were old. And now here I am, 50 years old and it's not as old as I thought. 

I've learned a lot things in my 50 years. But here are a few things I feel are important to know. 

Be fair. Be honest. Be generous. Respect others.

Marriage is hard work. There are highs and lows, but it is very much worth it.

Anyone who judges you by the kind of car you drive or shoes you wear is not someone worth impressing.

I’m fat. I’ve gotten over it and you should too.

Visit or talk to your parents and grandparents often. You will realize once they are gone just how much you got out of those visits and conversations.

Let your kids climb in bed and snuggle with you. One day they won’t, and you will miss it.

Develop a strong handshake (even if you are a woman) No one wants to shake hands with someone who’s hand is limp.

When you mess up, fess up. Apologizing isn’t always easy but it’s the right thing to do.

Be truthful or be quiet.

Your education isn’t complete until you’ve learned to take a hint.

Whatever your passion, pursue it as though your days were numbered, because they are.

Your grown children are simply wonderful. But so are your younger children. Enjoy every moment, it goes by fast.

Drink lots of water. It’s good for you, your brain, and your body.

Treasure your friendships. Keep your circle small. Know it’s also ok to end friendships with compassion and finality.

Be patient with people – most are often just trying to help.

Hug your kids and tell them you love them every day.

Failure is going to happen. Pick yourself up and dust your self off and keep moving forward.

Don’t get caught up with what you see in the mirror, because it reflects only a tiny part of how beautiful you are.

Language is a powerful weapon and the words you say will either soothe, hurt, engage, or damage those around you, including yourself.

Losing a loved one is painful. It’s hard and it’s ugly. But when you remember them, smile no matter what. Over time smiling at the memories will help ease the pain.

Everyone else is just as worried and insecure as you are. Some just hid it better. It doesn’t mean they are smarter.

Laugh often.

It’s just stuff. It gets broken or lost in a flood. But ultimately, it’s just stuff. The memories will always be there.

Don’t judge. You don’t know all the facts. We all have faults and bad habits.

Take the girls trip. Laughter with girlfriends is great medicine.

Always let someone proofread. It usually makes a difference.

Pamper yourself. Get your hair done, get a pedicure. It will always make you feel better.