Monday, July 30, 2012

Family photos, finally

We have been trying to schedule family pictures since October of last year. For one reason or another I would always have to reschedule.

But finally we were able to have our session.

Here is a sneak peak.
I can't wait to see the others!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cars part 2

Thanks everyone for your input on my car search. I'm still looking.

My current car is Honda Pilot, '03 to be exact. We bought it a month after they came out with the Pilots in October of 2002. It has 189,000 miles on it. Yes that's right 189. That's some serious driving.

I have kinda narrowed my search down. Honda CR-V or Hyundai Tuscon. Now the next question is new or used. And if used how old and how many miles.

I kinda know what I want on the car as far as accessories go and I know where I want my payments to be. I have also told myself that if I can't find what I want in a small SUV then maybe it's time to go back to a car. And if that's the case, I don't even know where to begin. So many choices.

I can tell you this...I'm already sick of shopping for cars and we haven't even got to the haggling part.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I hate shopping for new cars. I used to love it. now it's just a pain. I think that comes with age.

And to prove I don't like shopping for cars. I'm on my third Honda. I had a Civic when Hubs and I got married almost 15 years ago. Then we brought an Accord for him to drive, which I ended up with when I was pregnant with R1, and now I'm currently driving a Pilot. While I still love my Pilot it's almost 10 yrs old.

When we purchased my Pilot, it only had 3 miles it. I'll let you guess how many it has now.

Knock on wood we've only had one major repair but it's beginning to give me some trouble.

I'm thinking I want another Honda. Maybe a CR-V. I really do not need the space my car has and with gas prices I want something with a little better gas mileage.

So what do y'all drive and do you have any recommendations?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

School Shopping

Yep it's that time again to where I begin to think about school clothes and supply shopping.

Every year R2's school sends home a list for the next school year. They use an online company which makes it so easy to just order and have it delivered to your home. But this also makes it more expensive.

Last year I saved almost half of the price from the list by just going to Target myself and purchasing supplies. This year the prices of R2's school supply list from the school was $62.50. That's pretty darn expensive for supplies for second grade. So last night we headed to Target and hit the school supply aisle. I also ended up purchasing R1's supplies as well.

I spent a total of $75 for both boys. R2's was 43.35. That's a significant savings. And R1's was around $30-31 dollars.

The best part of all of this? I'm done and I won't have to fight the crowds later on.

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's gone, kaput, broken, can't fix

My blogging mojo is kaput. I can't seem to get it together for more than two days, if that, to put up a post.

I'm blaming summer time and the fact that I want to go back to the Frio River. And we have an upcoming trip to the lake. It's showing I'm still in vacation mode.

So since I managed to put something up today, I guess that means I don't have to blog the first part of next week. So don't look for anything on Monday or Tuesday.

OK, that's it for today. Y'all have a great one.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandparent camp again

It's that time of year again where the boys go off to grandparent camp.

I love grandparent camp because not only does it give the boys one on one time with them but also gives Hubs and I time alone with the other left at home.

R2 is at camp and R1 is hanging out at home. Tonight we went out to dinner and then came home and played several games of Uno. It was great!

Right now he and I are sitting in the livingroom watching Spiderman, his choice.

So if I'm outta touch this week, I'm spending time my oldest child. And enjoying every minute of it.

Monday, July 16, 2012


R1 had a birthday while we were on vacation. And because I knew what our schedule would be like when we returned, I decided to have his party before we left to go to the Frio River.

He had mentioned that he wanted to have a dodgeball party. I thought was a great idea for a bunch of 11-13 year old boys. So I started calling around to places back in March to get an idea what was available and at what price.

Let me just say that I should really consider going into the party business. Every place I called was outrageous. $250.00 just for the place. And he could only invite 8 kids. 8 KIDS total. Any thing over 8 would cost me an extra $10.00 per kid. Oh and the allotted time frame for the hour and a half. So with him as one and his brother as another that left only 6. And to be honest you really can't have a game of dodgeball with just 8 kids.

I started to think of another option, but then one day we were up at our church and doing something which I can not recall right now, but I know we were helping the youth take care of some stuff in our hug gym. And I thought why not have the party at the church gym.

The best part, first off, is it was free because we are members of the church. Second he could invite as many kids as he wanted, no extra charge. Third we could have the party for as long as we wanted because I reserved the gym all day. Hubs borrowed two bags of dodgeball balls from his school. And we also bought several pizzas and can drinks too.

It was a one of the best parties we have ever had. I know the adults had just as much fun as the kids. And lets just say I know exactly where my kids get their competitive nature from and it's not Hubs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bubble

Saturday morning after the boys autograph session with the Houston Astros, we took a walk to get something to eat. We would have stayed at the ball park but after autographs they ask you leave until the gates open.

We went to Subway at 11:30AM on a Saturday morning in downtown Houston. Any of you that live in Houston know what goes on on a Saturday morning in downtown Houston. There are homeless people every where. They are asked to leave the missions where they slept the night and they wander aimlessly around the streets of downtown.

So we get to Subway which is about 7 blocks from Minute Maid Park and turn the corner and find to homeless guys arguing. The are screaming at one another to go home. My first thought was to just get the boys inside, but my next thought was where are they going home to, under a bridge.

Anyway R2 asked why they were arguing and telling each other to go home. I just looked at him and told I didn't know and it was really none of our business why they were arguing.

Next another homeless man walks into the store and begins to ask everyone for food or money. The manager eventually kicks him out.

After that I look out the window to see another person picking up trash off the street and drinking the cups he found but throwing all of the other stuff in the trash. R1 sees this and asks why he was drinking from the trash. He's old enough to understand and so I begin to explain. He responds with his usual OK.

Then another homeless man walks into Subway and locks himself in the bathroom. The manager comes and bangs on the door and threatens to call the police if he doesn't get out.

At this point both boys are looking and asking why. We explain once again. He was soaking up the A/C, getting a drink, and cleaning himself up. When R2 asks why he didn't just go home. Again more explaining as to why he may not have a home.

As we were walking back to the ballpark, Hubs was explaining to the boys some different circumstances as to why these people are they way the are, homeless.

There was an endless supply of reasons. But it made me realize what a little bubble my children live in. My children had never been exposed to the homeless side of life. They've helped out with delivering food supplies to the less fortunate during baseball season, but not flat out homeless.

I have to say I was proud that they didn't just burst out with normal or loud questioning tone of voice. They very quietly asked their questions and we did the best we could to explain. They saw how rough life can be and why things might turn out that way.

For a brief moment, as much as I like to keep them sheltered from certain things, our bubble popped and they got a life lesson that I don't I could have ever taught them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh what to blog about...

I have several things I could mention this old blog, but my post vacation self is TIRED!

It's been a whirl wind of busy. We had R1's 12th birthday party before we left. Then there was the washing and cleaning so we could come home to a clean house and minimal laundry. Then there was the week at the Frio River. Oh and one day at Fiesta Texas. Then we came home and this past Saturday the boys had an autograph with the Houston Astros and the later that day the actual game against the Brewers. And the boys ended up at some point during the game on the big jumbo tron. The Astros won Saturday!!! And to top it off, VBS every night this week.

Where am I going with all of this you ask? Well if I want to actually blog about any this I have pictures to go with it and right now I don't even want to get up out of my recliner. Cookie is sleeping in the recliner with me and my legs are propped up on either side of her and I'm getting ready to settle down with a book.

So I hope y'all had a great Monday and if you hear some snoring in about 15 minutes don't worry, it's just me and Hubs will wake me when it's time to go to bed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Frio River, how I love thee

We went on vacation this past week in case you didn't notice the lack of blogging.

I had it all planned out to. I was going to put up a few posts while we were gone but with all of the laundry and packing and making sure we made it out of the house with everything we needed since we were not going to be close to a town with a store, I was wiped out! I just couldn't focus long enough to put up one post let alone four.

And in case you are wondering we went to the Frio River. We actually stayed in Concan, Texas.

It was the four of us, well the five of us, we took Cookie. Our friends, Deb and Cliff. Then Christi, Randall and their kids. Tammy and her daughter. Robin, her husband, and her precious new baby boy. Let's just say I got all of the baby love I wanted. And he was so sweet and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We played in the river for a few days and we also hit Fiesta Texas.

I grew up going to Astroworld in Houston and since it closed down there was no chance my kids would ever get to experience it.Debbie had given us free tickets to get into Fiesta. As soon as we got into the park, R2 rode the Boomerang roller coaster with Tammy, Christi, and Randall. It was his first coaster to ride and I was a bit nervous because I don't do more than one loop and absolutely no twisting. I'll spare you the details as to why I don't do roller coasters like that.

Bottom line is he love it! He came off the ride smiling and ready to go. He and I ended up riding the Road Runner together. He was so funny.

We stayed six hours at Fiesta Texas. We did everything we could do. The lines weren't long and even though it was 97 degrees there was always a breeze blowing. And the boys kept telling Hubs and I how it was the best day of their lives. They had a great time!

But after the heat from the amusement park the Frio River was calling our name once again. We spent and entire day in the river. Just playing and floating and relaxing.

It really was the perfect vacation.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Twelve years ago today God blessed me with a precious son.

He has made me laugh till my sides hurt. He has made me so mad that I thought I could scream for days. He has made me so proud my cheeks hurt from smiling at him. He has made my heart burst with love. He has made me have that twinge that I wish I could go back in time and just snuggle him close and carry him in my arms.

He has made me be a better mom. He has loved me with all of my faults just because I am his mom.

He is smart, handsome, funny, sweet, serious, and amazing. And best of all he is just my son.

Happy 12th birthday R1. I love you!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer Joy

Have I told you how much I enjoy summer. I wanted to re post this because it has been so hot here and we need a little something to beat the heat.

Summer Fun

Hope everyone stays cool this week!