Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheese balls galore

This was the container cheese balls I bought at the beginning of the Thanksgiving week.

And this is the container at the end.

Can you say we all enjoyed the cheese balls?

But also in our defense, this is what Hubs made with some of them.

Can you also say YUM!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

Today the kids are getting out of school early. Can you say Thanksgiving Break!

Hubs and I have a date with our oldest child. We are going to see the new Harry Pottery movie. And to be honest, I'm excited about it!

And since everyone is out of school next week, I am also going on a bloggy vacation too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

See you in a week.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leonid Meteor Shower

Yesterday I emailed Hubs at school and told him about a meteor shower that we might be able to see once is got dark.
He was all on board with this idea. He even suggested that we wait until the kids were asleep and then pull out some blankets and go lay down in the back yard and watch. I know he's so sweet.

And that is exactly what we did last.

And truthfully the only complaint I had was the moon was to bright and we probably could have seen more if we had waited until around 2AM. But lets also face it, normally I am asleep at 2AM.

I also have to admit it was pretty romantic laying in the backyard under the blankets holding hands and watching the stars.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seriously, did that just happen?

So I have to ask....

Did anyone else hear Hubs screaming Sunday? I think my entire neighborhood might have hear him.

All I have to say is Texans vs. Jaguars

And if you missed you go.

You are welcome. Have a great day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Before or After

So while perusing Facebook this weekend, I read where several people were putting up their Christmas trees and decorating their homes.

So my question to you is when do you put up your tree? Before or after Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and have a great day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day.

Let us not forget the reason we celebrate today.

Let us remember all of the soldiers past and present who fought to give us our freedom.

The ones who gave their lives and the families they left behind.

The ones on the front lines now who are missing their spouses and families and in return they are missing them.

Let us remember the past wars so that we may not repeat them.

Let us just remember what this day means for all of us.

And if you see a soldier today, thank them, hug them, shake their hand, because they deserve so much more

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Change

Normally Daylight Savings Time comes and goes and I can function just fine. This year not so much.


Monday night all of us and when I say all of us, I am including the dog, were in bed asleep at 9PM.

Last night 9:30 but only because I had to make sure the jeans were finished drying. But to completely honest I was ready for bed around 8:30. I know, I am OLD!

Is this time change thing causing anyone else trouble? I sure hope I'm not the only OLD person out there.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The school projects have begun.

Let me break out into a sweat now.

R2 came home with a note Friday and a cut out sheet instructing us of a "family" project due on Monday.

I use family loosely because all of you know that any time the word project comes homes in a note from school, it's usually the mamas that complete the project.

I will break out all of my scrapbook stuff and make sure the glue gun is working and make sure I have extra sticks on hand.

Anyway, R2's project was to disguise a turkey so that he will not be eaten for Thanksgiving.

I asked R2 how he wanted to disguise his turkey, thinking he would want to go for the camo look and I would have to discourage this because everyone else would be doing camo look.

But instead to my amazement he said he wanted to do his like a zebra. I know, I have the greatest son ever!!! I had zebra print felt left over from last year when R1 had free enterprise day. You can read about and see his project here.

I made the necessary trip to Hobby Lobby to ensure we had all of our supplies. I have a great fear of running out of zebra print felt, feathers, and google eyes.

I came home, traced and cut out the zebra print turkey. Then I asked R2 if he wanted to help me glue the felt down. He did for all of about 2.7 seconds. He thought playing karate with his brother was more exciting.

So I trudged on alone. As I assembled the turkey, I would ask R2's opinion and he would stop karate chopping on his brother long enough to look over and say sure.

And here is Mr. Turkey, do you see him? Do you????

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watch out for ponding

I had several great titles for this post earlier in the day but for the life of me I can't remember a one of them. Guess that will teach me to write things down.

Tuesday when we got home from the Renaissance Festival, I promptly went to start washing clothes. And while I was packing the washer to it's fullest capacity I noticed the floor was a tad bit wet. Who am I kidding, it was really wet. So I did what any great wife would do...


So Hubs comes running and see the water. And he grabs some towels and starts to soak up the water and said, "There, done!" And walks back down the hall.

I knew it was far from being OK and that mopping up the water was just a temporary fix. I had gotten the impression we would need to purchase a new water heater.

And so the gnashing of the teeth and many hours of internet research began. And have you priced those suckers lately??? OUTRAGEOUS!! And delivery and installation? EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS!!

Anyway, I was a tad bit stressed out to say the least. I slept terrible and the next morning came way to early.

Wednesday morning I was at Home Depot bright and early. I purchased a new water heater and a new toilet set, but that is a post for another day. I scheduled to have it delivered and installed the same day. Home Depot says if you buy it that day before noon and want delivery and installation, they can guaranty same day service.

HOLLA!! I will be able to take a hot shower in the morning.

So yesterday before 11AM I was a bazillion dollars poorer and we had new water heater that functioned properly. AKA didn't leak water all over my floor.

And the installation guys said my water heater area was the cleanest they had ever seen. They must not have been able to see my bedroom or the boys bathroom. I bet they would beg to differ then.

But what I want to know is why do they charge so dang much for that stuff, they know you have to have it!! Kinda like diapers and formula. They know you need it so the charge the highest possible price for it! UGH!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OK seriously I'm tired all over again but at least my feet don't hurt

OK so I was so exhausted from the weekend that I went to bed Monday night around 9:30.

I say around 9:30 because that is the last time I looked at the clock and I don't remember leaving the TV on waiting for the news to come on to watch the weather.

I wanted to watch the weather because R1 had a field and I wanted to make sure I wore the proper weather attire, AKA a rain coat and a pair of rubber boots.

We were going to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville. Me, Hubs, R1 and about ONE HUNDRED 5th graders.

Oh, sorry back to the rubber boots. The forecast for the day...70% chance of rain and highs in the low 70's.

If you have ever been to the Texas Renaissance Festival, you know it outdoors and it gets MUDDY, hence the need for rubber boots.

The good news was the rain stopped when we got to Conroe and the sun came out just long enough to kind of dry things out a bit.

We arrive around 10AM and promptly hit 1. The bathroom and 2. The food.

Then we saw two shows

Bird of Prey, AKA the owls and falcons.

And the jousting.

Then it was off to do other things, like dip you hand it HOT wax 12 times.

And then meet up with another class.

By the way I just thought the three of you who read this would like to know, since the rain had stopped, I never did wear my cute zebra print rubber boots. I just left on my Nike's. I'm glad to because five hours later my feet would have been killing me.

Instead my body is just screaming at me that it need to rest for the next century from the past three days.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm tricked and treated out!

Halloween 2010 was a great success!

We had a busy weekend. We had a carnival Saturday night and a hay ride to take us to trick or treating.

Sunday our church held our fall festival. More games, pony rides, moon walks,and CANDY!

I'm so tried. My legs and feet hurt!

Hope y'all had a boo-tastic weekend.

And here are my goblins now...