Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Enterprise

The week before school let out R1's grade had what they call Free Enterprise Day.

A month ago a note came home about this day and what was required.

Each student had to come up with and idea, make the idea, 27 times to be exact, come up with a name for their product and a slogan, and then sell to fellow classmates.

They sold them for fake money.

R1 said he wanted to make pencil holders out of coke cans. (That was a great idea!)

Hubs cut the top off. R1 turned them upside down and spray painted them. Then I took felt and hot glued it along the top rim to hide the jagged edges.

He painted the boys blue with red felt. And the girls, hot pink with zebra felt.

Needless to say he sold them all. He was super excited.

And they also received extra fake money to purchase items from the other students.

Getting started

Shopping around

Going, going...



Brooke said...

what an awesome idea!! :) and i love that free market ideas are still being taught in school. maybe there is hope for america

cfoxes33 said...

What a smart young man!

{amy} said...

I guess I missed this post before. What a GREAT idea!! I bet you're so proud of your smart young men!