Monday, June 7, 2010


Well we know that I am not the master of regular blog posts. I didn't put up anything Friday and almost didn't put up anything today.

I got up a few minutes extra this morning to put up a post but Blogger was down. And the reason I didn't have it up and ready to go this morning was Hubs had the lap top.

We have another computer, I'm just partial to the MAC. That and Hubs is now working on his Masters in Education. He started back just a few weeks ago. So I am sure this means he will be hogging the MAC.

One of his assignments was to create a blog. Go figure! And he was trying to get into Blogger last night and it was down, which goes back to how I knew Blogger was down last night.

Anyway, I think the only things I think I need to master today are the following.

1. Doing the laundry, we have a ton of it.
2. Going to a friends baby shower tonight.
3. Trying to recoup from the heat this weekend. It was HOT and HUMID!

Y'all have a great Monday!


Brooke said...

we're getting a break from the humidity this week, but the temps are still going to be in the 80s. ugh!

{amy} said...

I'm playing a little catch up game today with several blogs that I'm behind on. I enjoy another Texas mom's blog! & I can totally relate to your hot & humid weekend!!

cfoxes33 said...

It was swampy this weekend in OH too. But last night, I turned off the a/c, opened all the windows and loved it!

Glad to see you back!