Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raising funds

Baseball season is just about over for R1.

I have mixed emotions about this. It has been a very long season and I am ready to get back to some kind of normal that doesn't revolve around practices, lessons, and tournaments. On the other hand, I love baseball. I love to be at the games, hear the sounds, smell the turf cooking. Just kidding on the last one. Burning turf is just nasty.

Anyway, we had one last fund raiser to help defer some of the cost we will incur in a few weeks.

And much to our surprise, we raised over a thousand dollars in three hours! I think the adults were just as shocked at the kids. We were all pumped!

R2 even got in on the action. He held up a poster and smiled that sweet smile of his. What he didn't know was the sign was upside down. That got people to give even more because they got tickled just watching him.

So a big thank you to everyone who came out and gave. We appreciate it and hope we make you proud.


Monday, June 28, 2010

I need t"hair"apy.

What is it about me getting older that has sent my hair into a complete mess. I mean it's like scissor shock to the max only without the scissors.

In my opinion the ends look dry. And it frizzes more easily. And all I have to say it WTH, my hair needs therapy!

I go every 4-6 weeks and have my hair done. Cut, color, and style. My beautician is a magician. She is amazing!!

I use the same products she does and the same amounts. BIOLAGE hair products are the bomb! I love them. Not only does the product work, it smells good. Because in my book it had to do both, work well and smell good.

But my hair never turns out like when she does it and I think it always tends to look dry and damage. Hubs says it feels soft and smells good. (See the smell thing again) But I feel different.

I remember a time not to long ago when my hair was to the middle of my back and it was always shinny and felt healthy.

Now not so much. It's still shinny. Thank you silken gloss, we have become such great friends.

Oh and let's not forget the frizz. And with the humidity in Southeast Texas you would think I would be used to that. And it's for that reason alone the straightener and I have become best friends.

So I guess what I am asking is what kind of hair products do you use and what tips can you give a forty something year woman who's hair is in need of something?

Friday, June 25, 2010


There is a show that comes on ABC called Wipeout.

If you haven't seen it, you should.

It's totally hilarious. It's our favorite summer show.

We all pile on the couch, well three of us do and then proceed to laugh our heads off for the next hour.

I don't why I find adults trying to make it through an almost impossible obstacle course while being bombarded by paint, water, and whatever else they try and throw at you funny, all to win a grand prize of $50,000.00. But I do.

Now go check it out, I promise you will laugh till your sides hurt.

Oh and have great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brace face no more

So we have been on this ortho adventure with R1 since September of last year.

Yesterday Hubs took him for his monthly check up and we got some great news.

R1 will have his braces on for about another month and then they will come off. Off until his adult molars come in and then they will have to be put back on just to make sure everything lines up nice and straight.

His teeth have shifted so fast to where they need to be when the molars come in. And the orthodontist wants him in his retainer before school starts.

We are both so excited. I can't wait to take a picture of him with out his braces and show off that million dollar smile.

Way to go and congrats R1, it's well deserved.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Big league dreams

A few weeks ago the R1's team had the chance to play a tournament at a place called Big League Dreams.

And big league dreams it was. This place was amazing.

The fields there we designed after several major league fields. Right down to the bleachers in the outfield. The boys were in awe and it was a great experience for the them to play to there.

But I have to say the best thing for me was the air conditioned concessions. There were fantastic. There were built so that no matter where you sat you could watch your came. And it was nice to go in and get cooled off while still being able to keep up with R1's game.

I was into the game, who am I kidding, I was so hot I didn't remember to take any pictures during the game for fear of moving would cause me so sweat and then cause a heat stroke.

But I did manage to snap a few afterward.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

They sound like a swarm of bees

OK so Hubs likes soccer.

Which means he has been watching the World Cup. Actually Hubs watches a ton of different sports. They come on, he screams talks at the TV. It must be the coach out in him. But in all fairness he is like that with every sport.

The other day I came into the living room and it sounded like swarm of bees had invaded. Hubs was watching soccer.

I asked him what the heck that sound was and he said it was the vuvuzela. (click to see a picture and a description. I had to google it to see what it was because I had no idea what the heck a vuvuzela was.)

Me: A what?

Hubs: It's the horns.

Me: What horns and why do they sound so terrible?

Hubs: It's the horns the fans blow during the soccer game.

I can understanding watching soccer, but the horn noise, not so much. I would have to watch the game on mute.

But on a better note, Hubs has an iPhone and guess what app he added.

Yup you guessed it. A Vuvuzela app. Awesome, now I can listen to that wonderful sound any time I get urge.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Really it's that hot

Breakfast anyone?

Yes it is really hot enough to fry an egg on the cement. And it's only getting hotter.

Funny how just a few short months ago it was so cold. I would love some of that cold weather now.

This heat has just drained all of my brain cells along with all my energy. I walk outside and the hot air takes my breath away. Not even the pool is helping. It's luke warm and who wants to swim in luke warm water unless you are taking a bath.

I feel like sitting in the A/C with the ceiling fan running on high and a cold drink in my hand.

That sounds so good, think I'll go do that right now.

Y'all stay cool!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Waterballoon baseball

R1's baseball team only has a few practices left before we go to the World Series.

And normally on Sunday's they practice is full uniform in the heat of the day. But today the coach made and exception and let them practice in shorts and shirts. I have to say I even like their practice uniforms. Even though we aren't playing a game, they still look like they are.

The coach thought he might turn this into a fun practice for the boys.

They played home run derby and then some game where he had the boys throw from center field and try to make it into a trash can at home plate. R1 was the first one to do so and I was one proud mama.

When that was over, the parents got to play against the kids. The boys had to play backwards. Bat opposite of what they normally bat. I have to say it was hilarious!

I even layed down a good bunt and got on first. But the best part was watching me throw right handed. I'm a completely left handed person and the only extra glove that R1 had was a left handed glove so I had to use it. I threw the ball almost straight up. I never laughed so hard at my self. Guess it's a good thing I can laugh at myself.


When that game was over the boys played water balloon baseball. Hubs filled up about 50 water balloons and then pitched them to the boys.

They had more fun. And R1 decided he was going to drop his bat and catch the balloon instead of hitting it. Once he did so, he threw it back at Hubs.

Needless to say the boys were soaking wet. But they had a blast.

And that was all that mattered.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer fun revisited

I originally posted this in 2008. This picture just flat out screams summer.

And since we are kicking off our first full week of summer I thought I would rerun this post.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Summer time fun

This picture is what summer time is all about. Fun times with friends. Nothing like a drink from the slip-n-slide to quench your thirst.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rejoicing in my suffering

Well truth be known, I really don't know anyone who rejoices while suffering.

And right now I'm down deep in it. Sunk right to the bottom, I feel as if I can't get any lower.

But in the midst of all of this suffering, I called one of my dearest friends, Beth.

She is always completely and totally honest. She is pretty amazing and I am blessed to have her in my life.

After a good talking and crying to her. And then me listening to her responses, she had the best one.


And that is what I did last night. I went to church and sat right by her.

And what does the preacher open up with...
Joy isn't from circumstance. It is from the One who gives grace and mercy no matter the circumstance.

I was blown away. I looked at Beth and she looked at me and she wrote me a note that said, I didn't talk to him, I swear!

I just told her it was God. He knew what I needed to hear and when.

Then we proceed to get into this...

We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance builds character, and character gives hope. Because God has poured out his love into our hearts...Romans 5:3-5

If that isn't a God wink moment then I don't know what is. My mother in law always says that suffering is God building character in you. She couldn't be more right.

I really really really needed to hear this.

Funny how I called Beth on my way home yesterday and we talked about some very honest and very deep stuff. She said some very up front things to me. But I needed to hear those things.

She also told me she had been praying for me, Hubs, and the boys.

Wanna know what she was praying, that God would grab mine or our attention and bring us back to church.

Let me just say that a certain sports activity has taken over our weekends, including Sunday mornings.

Again, blown away.

And to let God know, not that he doesn't already, I am listening and waiting to do as you ask.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doggie Drama

Yesterday we had a bit of doggie drama at my house.

And I'll be honest I don't like doggie drama. I don't like car drama either. Or basically I don't like any drama.

I let Cookie out yesterday morning to take care of her business and when we scratched at the back door I let her back in.

I noticed right away she kept blinking her right eye and it was watering. She was also keeping it closed most of the time.

Hubs said it would be fine but my mothering instincts said different.

I called my friend Christi, who is a vet, my vet, and told her what was going on and she told me what to do.

Flush Cookie's eye out with saline and see if I see anything. She also said that it was probably scratched and I would have to take her in.

So I flushed out her eye and didn't see anything. I put her in her crate and left for work. All day I worried about her and if she was in pain.

Hubs came home around 2:30 and told me her eye was swollen and still looked bad. I left work and came took Cookie to a local vet that I trust.

Sure enough her cornea was scratched. And because of that injury her iris was swollen and causing her to keep it shut.

So an hour and three medicines later we left the vet's office.

I only have one thing to say about this whole experience.

When are they going to get co-payment for the vet's office?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Enterprise

The week before school let out R1's grade had what they call Free Enterprise Day.

A month ago a note came home about this day and what was required.

Each student had to come up with and idea, make the idea, 27 times to be exact, come up with a name for their product and a slogan, and then sell to fellow classmates.

They sold them for fake money.

R1 said he wanted to make pencil holders out of coke cans. (That was a great idea!)

Hubs cut the top off. R1 turned them upside down and spray painted them. Then I took felt and hot glued it along the top rim to hide the jagged edges.

He painted the boys blue with red felt. And the girls, hot pink with zebra felt.

Needless to say he sold them all. He was super excited.

And they also received extra fake money to purchase items from the other students.

Getting started

Shopping around

Going, going...


Monday, June 7, 2010


Well we know that I am not the master of regular blog posts. I didn't put up anything Friday and almost didn't put up anything today.

I got up a few minutes extra this morning to put up a post but Blogger was down. And the reason I didn't have it up and ready to go this morning was Hubs had the lap top.

We have another computer, I'm just partial to the MAC. That and Hubs is now working on his Masters in Education. He started back just a few weeks ago. So I am sure this means he will be hogging the MAC.

One of his assignments was to create a blog. Go figure! And he was trying to get into Blogger last night and it was down, which goes back to how I knew Blogger was down last night.

Anyway, I think the only things I think I need to master today are the following.

1. Doing the laundry, we have a ton of it.
2. Going to a friends baby shower tonight.
3. Trying to recoup from the heat this weekend. It was HOT and HUMID!

Y'all have a great Monday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lack of and proud of

Well Hubs and Coach J slept on the roof last night.

There were even some bad storms that forced them inside for a while.

They are so awesome for keeping their promise to their students.

But while they slept, I didn't.

I must admit, I don't sleep well when Hubs is gone. And thank goodness it's not very often. That and coupled with two boys wanting to sleep in my bed with me. Well you get the picture.

So today, I'm just kinda winging it. I do believe that a very strong cup of coffee is in order.

Y'all have a great day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The bet

Most of you Hubs is a teacher.

A fifth grade teacher to be exact. I would tell you what subject but then I would either have to kill you or have your computer self destruct. And being that I am not really a violent person and I want you to be able to still come back and read this blog, I will just leave well enough alone.


He and another teacher bet their 5th graders that if they scored better than 92% on their TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test they would sleep on the roof of the school.

Guess what, the 5th graders scored 94%! That's awesome.

And yes Hubs and the other teacher are going to sleep on the roof.

I just hope it doesn't rain.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to reality

So I have only been on a mini vacation for a week. But what a busy week it was.

My aunt came in to visit from New York. I seriously don't know who had more fun her or the boys. I'm glad she got to come and I'm even more thrilled she had a good time.

We had something planned everyday.

Thursday- She had to go for her weekly blood work, then we went to lunch and the to HEB. It doesn't sound like it would take all day but it did.

Friday- R1 had his free enterprise project at school and we went and I will post pictures later, promise.

Saturday and Sunday- the usual, baseball. I'm just glad that our tournament was here and we didn't have to drive a long way off.

My parents even came down for the game and a quick visit. I even have proof that sister and brother did sit by one another and no one exploded. They are so much alike, it's scary!

Monday- Aunt P wanted to take us for breakfast and then take the boys to Toys R Us. And then of course we went on the search for TEXAS souvenirs, because you know she just had to bring them back home.

Hubs grilled dinner for us and it was FABULOUS!

We had rib-eye steaks, Orange Roughy fish, baked potatoes, fresh corn, and strawberry short cake for dessert.

And while I'm sad the week has ended and I have to go back to reality, I could really use another day to recoup.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day and have a great week.