Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New House and the Great Snow of 2017

So after Hurricane Harvey decided to dump 7ft of water in our house Hubs and I began talking about what we wanted to do regarding our rebuild. 

If you remember, Hurricane Ike in 2008 put three trees in our house so we remodeled then. Our neighborhood flooded in 1994 and Hubs grew up in our neighborhood and he was just finishing up college and still lived at home so he helped his parents remodel the home where he grew up.

After the shock wore off we began to discuss our options. Neither one of us wanted to rebuild our home. We wanted to sell it as is and move. We also had flood insurance so we formulated a plan. 

We were able to sell our flooded and gutted home. And because we owned that home the money from that sale was ours. We used our insurance money to put down a nice big chunk of change on a brand new construction home that we had fallen in love with. As it so happened the house was only two weeks away from being complete when we found it. We immediately put a contract on the house and began the month long waiting period that is better knows as gather every piece of financial information you can find for the past 1000 years and send it all to the mortgage company.  

December 7 that house became ours. In the days leading up to the closing Hubs and I furiously began purchasing items we lost. While it should have been fun it actually was overwhelming. We started by purchasing the necessities. Three beds and three sets mattresses, four nightstands, bedding for all three beds,  a refrigerator,  washing machine and dryer, a couch, new end tables, two new chairs, a dining room table with chairs, shower curtain for the boys bathroom, and towels for all of us. 

Oh and that is the short list. Imagine trying to replace every single item in your kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and beyond in a matter of three days. See, overwhelming. 

But the good news is we did it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017 was our first night in our brand new home. And this is we woke up to on Friday morning, the great snow storm of 2017. In my defense 4 inches is a snow storm in Southeast Texas. 

So pretty!

Want to know the last time it snowed in Southeast Texas, the year Hurricane Ike hit. Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humor.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Saddlwood Court

Goodbye Saddlewood Court. 

You were a great place to start my marriage and bring my babies home to. For seventeen years this house held a lot of love within it's walls. 

I would have stayed for another seventeen but Hurricane Harvey had other plans. 

I hope the next family that lives within your walls has just as much love and makes as many wonderful memories as we did. 

Leaving is bittersweet.  

Friday, December 1, 2017


I haven't posted anything in a while, but that is nothing new. Posting to my blog became sporadic as life took on new twists and turns. New adventures is how I tell my kids to look at them. 

To be honest, sometimes I like the old adventures, the new ones can sometimes be scary, even as an adult.

The past 90 days have been tough, a nightmare to be honest. The flood that destroyed our home and caused us to start a new adventure was not one any of us wanted to be on. It's still so painful and the hurt is still so raw. 

I can post pictures on here all day long, write words to describe our situation in detail but unless you personally experience it, it is hard to grasp, hard to wrap your head around and understand. I've wanted to blog about the flood but I can never find the right words to explain how deeply this has affected me and my family. 








We are all of these, every day and so much more.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

College Tour

R1 is a senior in high school and has already applied for early admissions to several colleges and two weeks ago he received his first acceptance letter to his top in-state college, Dallas Baptist University. 

R1 has been to the DBU campus several times with FCA for summer camp and has always said how much he liked it and how beautiful the campus is. 

Prior to him receiving his acceptance letter we scheduled for us to attend Patriot Preview Day to get a better feel for the campus so him receiving an acceptance just solidified us attending. 

Saturday morning we pulled up to DBU and made our way to Pilgrim Chapel where Patriot Preview Day was to begin. This picture does not even do this place justice. It was simply amazing.

After a short time of worship we had a schedule laid out for us with places across campus to visit and small break out sessions to attend so the DBU staff could tell us everything we would need to know about our child attending college here.

We spend the entire day at DBU and at the end I looked at R1 and asked him if was comfortable there and could he see himself living in the dorm, attending classes, getting involved in campus life and his response was an immediate YES!

As a parent there is no greater joy than knowing your child has been accepted to a college of his choice and is working hard to make that decision a reality. 

This senior year parenting gig is hard at times but also extremely rewarding.  I’m so proud of R1 and all that he has accomplished through out high school. 

I’m not gonna lie it makes me a little sad that this time has gone by so fast but, I’m more excited at what the future holds for him.

Friday, November 3, 2017

We Are The Champions!

Oh yeah we are!

I'm still in shock that my beloved Astros are the World Series Champions! This series was one of the most exciting to watch. 

Thank you Houston Astros, it's been an amazing season! 

#earnedhistory  #astroswonitall #baseballhangover #astrosfanforlife #astrosarenumberone


Thursday, November 2, 2017

I still miss this man

I still miss this man. Time has not lessened the hurt.  The pain is just as raw today as it was two years ago. I don't think it will ever ease. 

There is an ache deep in my heart that longs to talk to him, hug him, and just be in his presence.  I want to talk to him about all that has been going on recently. I want him to give me advice and to tell that I'm not failing as a parent like I feel I am. 

I love you daddy and I wish I had one more day with you.


Monday, October 23, 2017

For Sale

I haven't updated in a while because well things are mostly the same. House still gutted and we are still waiting on insurance

But what is different is this...

Hubs sent me this picture earlier last week. Yep, that is a for sale sign in our yard. And yes that is our scrapped out yard in the background from the trucks that picked up the contents of our flooded home. Part of the tag line in the listing says, "flooded and gutted". 

It's a bittersweet moment. I'm happy that it's on the market and hopefully it will sell quickly but it's also sad. 

This was the home that has built me for most of my adult life. This was the home that hubs and bought right after R1 turned 1, so he has grown up in this house. This is the house that we brought R2 home from the hospital so he's grown up in this house as well. So many firsts for my boys happened in this house.

This is the house we put a swing set with a fort in the back yard so the boys could have some fun when they were little. This is the house where my father in law gave me some of the day lilies from his backyard to put in our backyard because they originally belonged to his mother. (They were beautiful) This is the house where my kids learned how to make pancakes and how to use milk instead of water to make them extra fluffy.  This is the house where they helped Hubs make his epic size portions of Chex Mix. This is the house where we have held countless BBQ's and Easter egg hunts. This is the house we have popped countless fireworks on the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. This is the house where Hubs has cooked so many wonderful steak dinners I can't even count them. This is the house where one night we all laid on the driveway and watched a meteor shower.

This is the house that we remodeled after Hurricane Ike put three trees in it.  We thought about putting it on the market then but something deep inside told us no. We liked the changes that we made so we decided to stay and continue to raise the boys in the "new" house.

Hurricane Harvey however has changed our minds. We decided together that we just didn't want to stay and remodel again. I did not want to worry every time there was a hurricane if it would come our way and flood our house again. One flooded house is one to many in my eyes. 

So we have a plan and we are hopeful that is will all work out, quickly. We hope our plan is God's plan too. But we do know that whatever the plan is, God is in control and He already knows how this journey will end. We know that whatever it is, because we have faith in God, it will be amazing!