Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally Friday

Whew, it's finally Friday!

It's been busy here this week. R1 is at grandparent camp this week. He comes home today and his birthday party is tomorrow. I'll post pictures next week. hmmm maybe. Y'all know how I am about stuff like that.

Anyway next week, well really the next two weeks are going to crazy with activities too. But that's OK it's Summer!!!

That's it, y'all have a great day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doggie Dilemma #8

OK to be honest, Monday I was just dang tired to post anything for Tuesday. I went to bed at 8:40pm. I know such an exciting life. Oh and R2 was laying in bed with me watching Phineas and Ferb.So you know I was tired if I went to bed with R2 in my bed and the TV on.

Anyway back to the doggie dilemma. Last night I was in the back yard watching R2 swim and Cookie wander off to take care of her business. When she came back she was limping on her right front paw.

Being the calm person I am, NOT! I started to freak out. Just like I do when something happens with the boys. Like the time R2 had to get three stitches and he was just 2 months shy of turning 2. So I walked over to her and picked her up and brought inside. I started to look at her paw and look in between the pads on her paws. I let her get up but she wouldn't even put an pressure on it at one point.

So I immediately called my friend Christi, who is my vet, the only thing is Christi lives in another city so she couldn't bring Cookie to see her. But I told her what was wrong and what she was doing.

She didn't seem to think it was an emergency as Cookie would let me touch it and straighten her leg out and so one. She thought she might have gotten stung or bit by a bug or even the hot ground might have gotten her as it's been 108 outside. She said to give her 25mg of Benadryl and then another dose tomorrow. Oh and also try to keep her off her leg as much as possible. That should be fun.

But right now she is laying in the recliner with me and sleeping.

I pray she will be fine. I don't like doggie dilemmas. They stress me out almost as much as when something happens to the boys. Guess that's because she's my furry kid.

Monday, June 25, 2012

We bought a pie

We bought a pie. I know so exciting. But let me tell you why we bought a pie.

Our church held a pie auction last night for a mission trip that some of our people are taking to Latvia. Which in case you don't know is in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

Our music minister is married to a wonderful lady who is from Latvia and just to throw this out there to, their daughter is precious.

Anyway, a group from our church went last year and started the first stage of putting a new roof on the church. Now this year they are going again to put flooring in the church. And to help raise some money the church held a pie auction where all of the proceeds went the mission trip.

There were over fifty pies and some sold for only $30.00 while others sold for over $200.00. It was great event and I'm glad we were able to participate.

And here is the pie, or what's left of the pie we bought. We bid on a coconut lemon cheesecake. I'm so glad we won this pie, it was awesome. And the reason it's half gone is we shared it with some of the people at the auction.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday's that aren't

Like you didn't know. I guess here on this blog I'm not good with the follow through. But is only here on the blog because well here, I'm the boss and I can do what I want.

That and I really wanted to do something only regarding plus size clothes and it just didn't turn out the way I had hoped so I don't think I'll be doing them any more. But you never know I might decided to just one day do a random post about some cute shorts or a fabulous shirt I found. But for now, fashion Friday's have been phased out.

Moving on

If y'all don't mind please keep R1 and the other youth from our church in your prayers. They are taking a road trip this weekend. Pray for safe travel to and from and pray that God would use them and speak to them in a big way over the next few days. Thanks!

Also on the agenda for the weekend....nothing! I don't know if I can stand it. Three weekends in a row. NICE.

Actually tonight we are going to an ice social. My brother in law is the new Superintendent of Schools for his district and after their official board meeting they are throwing a little get together in his honor so we will be attending that.

Saturday I'm thinking maybe a little retail therapy might be in order and maybe even some body therapy in the form a pedicure.

So y'all have a great weekend and I'll see ya on Monday.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The mundane

Well it's summer and things right now are very ordinary. I kinda like it like that. Things were so CrAzY the last month of school, with baseball, end of school activities, meetings, parties, and church youth functions. I'm enjoying the mundane.

Not to much has been happening around her. Staying up late, sleeping later than normal, trying to plan a vacation, keeping the house picked up, (a losing battle) and trying to keep up with the laundry. (another losing battle)

I was trying really hard to get back into the habit of posting everyday and commenting everyday on the blogs I read. But the truth is I'm still in my "lurking mode" and it's really not all that interesting posting every day about pretty much nothing.

So since it's only 10:30pm and the boys are all settled down. I think I'm off to bed.

Come back tomorrow maybe I'll a bizarre dream that I can blog about to spice things up a bit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Was Johnny

When I was little my mother used to take my brother and I every Saturday to the Sharpstown Public Library in Houston, where I grew up.

For some reason or another by brother and I were hooked on Carole King's children's songs. Most of her songs were written for children's books written by none other than Maurice Sendak. My brother and I loved his books too. I knew Where the Wild Things Are backwards and forwards.

Anyway, the library used to check out records and we always checked out the album, Nutshell Library, which had four volumes of stories: Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup With Rice, One Was Johnny, and Pierre.

We would play that record over and over and over. It seemed we never got tired of it. I found a clip for One Was Johnny and I watched it about three times. Apparently I'm still mesmerized by it. That and my kids thought I was nuts.

Here is clip that still brings a smile to my face.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Moth

I hope everyone had a great father's day. We hung around the house after church and did much of nothing. I even got in a nap. It was glorious!

The other day R2 was out in the backyard and called Hubs and I to come look at something.

On our porch under the overhang was a HUGE moth. I don't think I had ever seen one that big before.

And here is a picture of said moth.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I'm wearing for the family photos

Thank you all so much for the input on what we should wear.

We are going with the navy/red theme.

I found this shirt last night. Actually I found it online but they didn't have my size so I drove over to Lane Bryant to see if they even had the shirt.

And the best part...1) it was on sale. 2) and a lady that was checking out next to me offered me her real woman dollars, it's like Kohls cash, and after the sale and the dollars it was half price!!

That never happens to me. So thank you again to the lady shopping at Lane Bryant last night. I appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family pictures

So in a few weeks this family is having family pictures taken. I would be so excited except that I have only been trying to schedule them since November, of last year.

Every time we get a date set I would have to cancel and reschedule. I'm hoping this date is it.

But now I have a dilemma. What in the heck do we wear. I have some cute plaid, mostly green plaid button up shirts for the boys and Hubs even has a green plaid shirt too. And that would be easy because I could try and find a navy shirt for me.

But we did green and white in 2007, can't believe it's been that long for our last family pictures.

I have to say I'm even thinking about letting the boys wear shorts. It's gonna be SOOOOOO HOT by the time we take pictures. If not then jeans for sure.

So I'm open to suggestions. I thought about maybe me in red and the boys in blue. I don't know I just don't really want us all in the same solid color. We've done that before too. White shirts and khaki pants.

Ok so any thought?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Since my brain turned to mush over the weekend because we didn't have any where to be or anything to do, here is a list of some of my favorite summer things.

Playing in the water hose and stopping long enough to take a drink from it.
BBQ's with great friends
Lazy days
Swimming till your skin is wrinkled
Afternoon naps
The smell of suntan lotion
Trips to the lake
Making Smores
Kids playing baseball in the yard
Family movie night
Family game night
Home grown vegetables
Kids laughter
Watermelon served ice cold

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The fort

Big Guy decided after hunting season was over he wasn't going to renew his deer lease. So today he and Duh-Duh came over and brought Big Guy's deer stand.

This is a stand like no other. It has stairs to get into it. It has carpet. It has a metal roof. It has shelves and plexiglass windows that can be opened. The door even has a lock. And I'm sure at some point you could even add a heater/A/C unit.

But right now, it's sitting in my back yard and the boys have turned it into their spy fort. They even got out the walkie talkies to play.

And if I wasn't so dang tired I'm sure I could figure out how to get a txt message picture off of my phone so I could post it on here. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. Maybe.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The grandparents

At the end of school R1 had his last band concert for the year. And in true grandparent fashion Big Guy and Duh-Duh came to watch.

They drove an hour and a half just to watch for 20 minutes and then drove back home. They do things like this all time for all of the grand kids.

And here is a picture of them with R1 after the concert.

I am truly blessed to have them as my in-laws.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First day of summer vacation

This is how we spent our first day of summer vacation.If you ask me, I think it's a great first day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's over

Well y'all knew how my weekend was going to go but what I didn't know what that I was going to be spending 12 hours at the ball park Saturday for our closing day tournament.

Yes, that's right folks, 12 hours. And to be totally honest, I loved every minute of it.

R2 had a game that morning and we had to be there by 8:30. And they would play another game later that morning. And it kinda went all down hill after that. The games ran longer than normal and that ended up pushing everything back by thirty minutes to an hour. At one point, R1 and R2 were playing at the same time and I just kinda camped out between both fields.

R1's team lost and then R2's team lost. But they both played hard. R2 even made an out home.

We did end up leaving for about 2 hours to go and each lunch with R1's team. It was a nice way to end the season.

We came back at 4:30pm for R2's closing ceremonies that actually didn't begin until almost 5:30pm. R1's closing ceremony was scheduled to begin at 6:30 but started closer around 7pm.

By the time it was all said and done we pulled out of the ball park at 8:45pm.

I have to say it was a great season and I'm kinda sad it's over. I'm gonna miss my baseball family. Way to go CARDINALS!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Friday-that didn't happen

OK since I'm still recovering and Hubs is down for the count, which translate into I had the boys all to myself last night and we just kinda hung out and talked and watched t.v. so I never got around surfing the net.

And today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Hallelujah! No more trying to wake up the boys every morning only to hear, MOM, I need five more minutes. And trying to figure out what to serve for breakfast. Oh and I'm now the mom of a 7th grader and a 2nd grader. Seriously time can just stop at any moment.

And tonight we have high school graduation for my friend Beth's son. Saturday both boys have a tournament and some where in there closing ceremonies for baseball. Sunday our church is recognizing the graduates and Hubs is included because remember in December he got his Masters degree. I think it's cool they are recognizing him as well. Anyway the church is taking the graduates and their families out to lunch.

So I guess there you have it my weekend recap before it happens. I know efficient, it's my middle name. NOT!

Y'all have a great weekend. GO CARDINALS!!