Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The grandparents

At the end of school R1 had his last band concert for the year. And in true grandparent fashion Big Guy and Duh-Duh came to watch.

They drove an hour and a half just to watch for 20 minutes and then drove back home. They do things like this all time for all of the grand kids.

And here is a picture of them with R1 after the concert.

I am truly blessed to have them as my in-laws.


Tater Mama said...

I can't help but leave a comment because my mother called her grandmother Dudda (pronounced, I'm sure, the same as your boys' Duh-Duh! I've never heard of anyone else with the same endearment! So glad they could come for the concert!

Mari said...

They are wonderful grandparents! Nice picture of them with R1 too.