Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I'm wearing for the family photos

Thank you all so much for the input on what we should wear.

We are going with the navy/red theme.

I found this shirt last night. Actually I found it online but they didn't have my size so I drove over to Lane Bryant to see if they even had the shirt.

And the best part...1) it was on sale. 2) and a lady that was checking out next to me offered me her real woman dollars, it's like Kohls cash, and after the sale and the dollars it was half price!!

That never happens to me. So thank you again to the lady shopping at Lane Bryant last night. I appreciate it.


Brooke said...

that's awesome!! :) love random generosity!!

{amy} said...

I'm glad you decided on your colors & that you found something to wear. In all honesty, Mama's outfit usually matters the most ~ at my house, at least. Nobody else cares as much, so once we know what we're wearing it's SO much easier to decided what the others are wearing! Yay for a strangers kindness that helped you save money!!