Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family pictures

So in a few weeks this family is having family pictures taken. I would be so excited except that I have only been trying to schedule them since November, of last year.

Every time we get a date set I would have to cancel and reschedule. I'm hoping this date is it.

But now I have a dilemma. What in the heck do we wear. I have some cute plaid, mostly green plaid button up shirts for the boys and Hubs even has a green plaid shirt too. And that would be easy because I could try and find a navy shirt for me.

But we did green and white in 2007, can't believe it's been that long for our last family pictures.

I have to say I'm even thinking about letting the boys wear shorts. It's gonna be SOOOOOO HOT by the time we take pictures. If not then jeans for sure.

So I'm open to suggestions. I thought about maybe me in red and the boys in blue. I don't know I just don't really want us all in the same solid color. We've done that before too. White shirts and khaki pants.

Ok so any thought?


Brooke said...

no suggestions from me - jay and i didn't even plan our wardrobe for our church directory pictures. lucky (or by providence?) we both ended up with blue on that day and we looked nice together

{amy} said...

Red & blue sounds nice if you don't want to do green again. I've also seen some ideas on my friend's Pinterest. Check out this site: http://www.kerimeyersphotography.com/category/what-to-wear/

Mari said...

Some friends just did pictures and they had on khaki shorts. Blue and red sounds nice. I'm sure they'll turn out great and can't wait to see them!