Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Was Johnny

When I was little my mother used to take my brother and I every Saturday to the Sharpstown Public Library in Houston, where I grew up.

For some reason or another by brother and I were hooked on Carole King's children's songs. Most of her songs were written for children's books written by none other than Maurice Sendak. My brother and I loved his books too. I knew Where the Wild Things Are backwards and forwards.

Anyway, the library used to check out records and we always checked out the album, Nutshell Library, which had four volumes of stories: Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup With Rice, One Was Johnny, and Pierre.

We would play that record over and over and over. It seemed we never got tired of it. I found a clip for One Was Johnny and I watched it about three times. Apparently I'm still mesmerized by it. That and my kids thought I was nuts.

Here is clip that still brings a smile to my face.


Marian said...

Oh my goodness! My grandmother had the Nutshell Library and I loved it. I still give it as baby gifts, and it's surprising how many people have never heard of it. I hadn't thought of it in years, so your post brought back such good memories!

{amy} said...

Aw! I never saw the Nutshell Library (that I remember, anyways), but it reminds me of stuff I used to watch!