Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinner with a side of the Oscars

Earlier in the week R1 put in a special request for dinner.

Hubs' fried shrimp, home made french fries, and fried okra. I can honestly I was thrilled with his choice. I love it when Hubs' cooks this meal.

So yesterday afternoon Hubs' began the preparation for this meal while I my mouth watered for the next two hours.

Fried shrimp-YUM!

Home made french fries and fried okra.

Fried pickles-The best yet!

And lastly- hush puppies

I know you're jealous. And now you know why I was salivating for two hours. I fixed my plate and then proceeded to plop my butt down in the chair and watch the Oscars. I don't know what it is about award shows right now but I feel as if I have to watch them all.

Oh and if anyone has a shop vac I can borrow to suck all the fat out of my arteries please let me now, I'm sure my future cardiologist will appreciate it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Head out on the highway, kinda

It's FRIDAY! Can I get an AMEN?!

This was one very long week! I can honestly say I'm glad it's over.

I am ready for the weekend and it's gonna be a busy one.

I decided to start my weekend off with a bang, because that's how I roll. Well I will be rolling down the aisles of H-E-B. I'm supposed to go grocery shopping tonight after work. We will see.

Saturday morning we are getting up early and heading out to Academy to make our yearly before the season starts new baseball equipment trip. Thank goodness this year the boys only need new cleats and pants and one of them needs a new equipment bag for all of his catchers/batting stuff. No new bats, no new helmets, no new gloves. HOLLA! I might, MIGHT, get out of there for less than $150.00 but some how I doubt it.

Then the boys are going to lunch and I am going to get my hair did. Yes I know I sound all hick but I REALLY need to get my hair done.

Then Hubs and I have date night. It's been about two months since our last one and I love our date nights.

Sunday will be filled with church and a nap I'm sure.

So Happy Friday peeps! Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Famous Americans

R1 has another school project. Like I didn't know we couldn't get through a school year without a project.

This one is called Famous Americans.

He came home from school with sheet of paper listing Famous people who were born on or before 1960. And a sample of a report he would have to write.

He had to pick at least three in case someone else picked the same one. And the picking was on a first come first serve basis.

Guess who he picked?

Babe Ruth...nope.

Lou Gehrig...nope

Roger Maris...nope

The Wright Brothers...nope

George W Bush...nope

Ronald Reagan...nope

He picked Bill Gates. William "Bill" Gates to be exact.

He had to write a one minute monologue and will have to say it from memory.

The 5th grade class is doing this project and they are having a school function regarding it as well.

The students will line the hallway and have props and pictures in reference to Famous American and they will have a basket set beside them. When a visitor to their spot in the hallway places money in the basket they will have to recite their monologue.

All the money raised also goes toward their classes Project Graduation.

R1 has it all planed out. He knows exactly what he is going to say and what props and such he will be using.

His speech turned out great if I do say so myself. I know I'm a little partial to him.

But I have to say that I'm shocked he didn't pick a baseball player. I think Roger Maris would have been pretty cool to write about.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recap of a lazy weekend

I would love to tell you this weekend was filled with tons-o-fun and excitement galore, but that is not the case.

Came home Friday from work and thought I would get a head start on the laundry. I always rack my brain wondering how four people could produce so much laundry. The baskets always seem to be over flowing no matter how hard I try to stay on top of it.

I really wish who ever is hogging the laundry fairy would hurry up and send her to my house.

Saturday R1 had practice at 8AM. And thank goodness, Hubs took him. Two and a half hours later the came home, hot, sweaty, and exhausted. They both said it was a great practice. I know we are just getting started with practices but I am ready for the games.

While they were gone R2 and I straightened up the house and made a HUGE dent in the laundry. We even managed to find time to snuggle and watch a few cartoons. He even went with me to HEB. The morning was great.

I would like to say the afternoon was great to, but that is not the case.

It seems here lately death has been in the forefront and Saturday was no different. A dear friend of mine lost his nineteen year old son in a car accident late Friday afternoon. I saw his son's name on the news and tried to call him. When he didn't answer I got that sinking feeling you get when you know something is not right.

Ray called me later and confirmed my fears. We talked for a long time and cried together. We also laughed together, which made me feel good. My heart was so heavy for him the remainder of the weekend.

Y'all keep him in your prayers this week. It's going to be very hard.

Sunday was a better day. We went to church and I was asked at the last minute to work in the toddler room. It was such a blessing to be in that room. Those little ones had me so tickled with their babble. They had a language all their own. It was precious and warmed my heart.

After church we came home, ate lunch, and I took a nap. It was glorious. R1 and Hubs played a video game and R2 played with his friend next door.

So there you have it, my lazy weekend. Hope y'all had a good weekend and hope you have a great Monday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day surprise

On Valentine's Day the boys, all three of them surprised me.

I got home from work and the house was dark. I walked into the back door and into the kitchen, turned on the light and then walked into the dinning room.

I then heard SURPRISE!

There were my three boys standing around the dinning room table with the table set with a steak dinner, candle light to set the mood, a card, and a gift.

It was such great surprise.

Dinner was fabulous, as is usual for Hubs' cooking. But the best part came in gift that R2 had set on the table for me.

It was a small heart shaped box that hold a few pieces of chocolate. Only there wasn't any chocolate. There was a tube of lip stick still in the box that I had purchased a few days ago.

As I opened the box, R2 asked me if it was my favorite gift and if I loved it.

The funny thing is I did. Even if I was the one who bought the lip stick. I loved that the boys went "shopping" in my make up bag and placed the lip stick in a heart shaped box.

And that alone was enough to make my heart swell and feel as if it was going to burst right out of my chest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The crazines has started

Over the next few months I am going to be meeting my self coming and going.

Why you ask?

Baseball season is here!

And while I thought this year might be a little easier, it's not turning out that way.

R2 will have practices for about hour twice a week. R1 will also have practices twice a week but his will be longer. This week they both have practice on the same day at the same time BUT different locations. Twitch. Twitch.

A friend on Facebook told me it was time to act like a Gremlin and pour some water on my head and clone myself. If only.

Those of you, the three of you, that have been around here long enough know I truly love this time of year. So if I seem like I'm griping or complaining, I'm not. I'm just trying to get my self psyched up for all of the before opening day happenings.

Season doesn't officially start until the end of March but I'm ready to hear....


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just a litte bragging

I usually don't brag on my boys but R1 had a heck of a January.

He made straight A's.

He got student of the month for 5th grade.

His team placed first at the Student Council lock in.

And a poster he had to create for a project at school came in first. Which means his poster now goes on to district and if he wins that then on to regionals.

I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you R1.

I love you and thank you for being one of the best sons a mother could ask for!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Norfolk Eagle Cam

Last week one of the ladies at work showed me this cool website.

I also shared it with Hubs because teaches elementary school science . And then I shared it with the boys because it's not something you can see everyday.

And now I'm sharing it with you.

Go here to see a pair of Bald Eagles on nest with three eggs that were just laid over the past two weeks.

Just click on the blue box in the middle of the page that says WATCH THE EAGLE CAM. Then click on the eagle cam. Also click on the box to the right. EAGLE CAM MODERATED DISCUSSION. This is a live discussion about the eagles. While some of the questions are repetitive, I find them interesting and informative.

And while all they pretty much do is sit on the nest, it's the changing out between the male and female. How they roll the eggs. How they will protect the nest and it's precious cargo.

I can't wait to see the eaglets when the hatch in March.

OK, I thought it was cool.

Happy watching.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Hubs.

I love you.

Thank for the past 15 years.

Thank you for being my best friend, a wonderful husband, and a terrific father.

But most of all thank you for letting me put my cold feet on your legs each and every night.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Over it

I like cold weather.

I do not like wet and windy cold weather.

I am SO over it.

The end!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This past weekend when it was supposed to snow but didn't the boys and I wanted to find a movie to watch since we would be cooped up in the house.

And since we have Dish we decided to scroll through the 9,000 plus channels to see what was available.

R1 had seen Secretariat at the movies on a school field trip and said it was pretty good. I remember wanting to see it but never finding the time to. So we all agreed we would watch it.

While we all know how the movie ends the story getting to the end was FABULOUS!

It was just one of those feel good want everything to turn out great movies.

Every time that horse got up to race I felt something in me cheering for him. Pulling for only great things to happen to that horse and the Chenery family.

So if you haven't seen Secretariat, I recommend that you do. And lets just say that in a three day span we watched it 3 1/2 times. Oh and it was 1/2 because the on the fourth go around we all took a nap.

But let me tell you, Secretariat wins the Triple Crown. Like you didn't know.

Y'all have a great day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No snow day

The weathermen here kept predicting snow for us last Friday. We even got a snow day from school and work because of all the hype.

And that was just what it was, hype. We did not get one flake of snow. What we did get was a ton of ice and below freezing temps for most of the day.

I did manage at some point to remember that I had blog and snow pictures would been nice, thanks weatherman, but all I have are ice pictures.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It was all about the food and the commercials

So who were you rootin' for? Packers or Steelers?

Me...neither. I was in it for food and the commercials. Now the boys in my house...Packers. So it was a happy home last night.

And last year we started something different for our family. Instead of going to someone else's house or having everyone over here for the super bowl. We just stay home and have our own party.

We have what we call junk food night for dinner and the four of us sit and watch the game and the commercials.

Last night on the dinner menu....

Rachel Ray's guaca salsa salad....YUM-O!

Queso with sausage

Last but not least, HOT McDonald's french fries. Nothing says junk food like smoking hot McD's fries with a ton of ketchup.

Oh and a few of my favorite commercials....

This is just precious.

And this one made me laugh out loud!

And since we are talking about the Super Bowl. Let me just put this out there. Black Eyed Peas rocked the half time show. Christina Aguilera not so much. I have to admit I was busy making the guaca salsa salad and missed the live performance. When I saw everyone's posts on Facebook I just knew I had to Youtubed it.

I was so mad after watching the video clip. I'm sure she was nervous. But it's our National Anthem. My heart swells with pride each and every time I hear it. And when some one who lives in our country botches that song......OK enough. It's over and done and done badly.

But did I mention the Black Eyed Peas rocked???

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, self check out, and warm feet

I have a question.

Why is it that when adverse weather conditions are in store everyone and their mothers brothers uncle descends on the grocery store? I mean HEB was a complete mad house.

I needed to make one quick stop on my way home yesterday to make sure we didn't run out of things like chocolate chips cookies, french onion dip, and the fixings for baked potato soup.

Because I mean we are going to be cooped up in the house for days, days I tell you due to the up coming snow. Not really more like one day, but you never want to run out of chocolate chip cookies.

Anyway back to my point.

HEB was nuts. People were every where and the workers were trying to keep the shelves stocked. But the worst part was the check out lines.

One word. LONG!

All I really wanted to do was take my 16 things, check out and go home. Then it dawned on me.


I never use the self check out. I have an aversion to the self check out line. I always feel as if everyone is watching me and thinking why can't that woman hurry up. Why is she scanning her items so slow. Why is it taking her so long to put her groceries in the bag.

I would almost rather stand in the long line and wait 30 minutes than have that kind of pressure put on me. But I was ready to be home so I put my fear aside and walked to the self check out lines and waited.

While I was waiting I figured I could gather up my things and get them organized so all I would have to do when it was my turn would be to start scanning my items thus shortening my time feeling everyone staring at me.

A few minutes later and it was my turn and guess what?

The scan/load/pay grocery Gods were shinning down on me. I made it out in record time and I didn't even break a sweat.

So now we are hunkered down and ready for the snow.

All I can say is I hope the weathermen have their predictions right because I know one little 6 year old who is going to be a tad bit upset if he doesn't get some snow.

Oh and just in case you are wondering, yes I do have my Snoozies on.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

OK here's the deal, it's cold. I mean really cold. Like y'all didn't know that.

It didn't get above freezing yesterday and it won't today either. And this afternoon it will begin to rain and the weatherman is calling for ice and the possibility of snow.

S-N-O-W! I know right! S-N-O-W!

I figure if it's gonna be cold enough then we might as well have something to show for it.

More over I don't want several feet of the pretty white stuff, I would like more of a light dusting. Just enough to make everything look like it came straight out of a winter picture.

I have to admit I have been a tad bit jealous of my friends and their snow pictures they have been sending me. And now I just might have my own.

So y'all stay warm and hopefully I will have some snow pictures of my own to post.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sickness of 2011

Well the 2011 year has started of with....well sickness.

Thanks bloggy friends for all of the well wishes yesterday. I appreciated it very much.

I woke up Monday morning still convinced I had croup and I also had this weight in my chest, and was certain it was from all the mucus. And after having pneumonia and bronchitis before I decided I really didn't want any of that to linger.

So off to the doctors office I went. I found out after stepping on the scale. Which by the way, you are sick and there for some good medicine and hopefully a shot why do they feel the need to take your weight. I look at it like you already feel like crap why do they want you to feel worse by stepping on the scale.

Any way I stepped on the scale and realized I had lost another 2 lbs. and that was with a sweater on. So we will see come Thursday.

The nurse does her usual...why are you here? Really can't you hear me trying to talk? What have you been taking? OK just walk up the cold/sinus/phlegm isle at HEB and I have probably taken any and all of them since Saturday. Do you need a refill on any prescriptions? Nope just some new ones that will hopefully knock this crap out of my chest, head, and the rest of my body.

The nurse also does a strep test and says the doctor will be in to see you in a minute.

I love my doctors office when they a minute they mean a minute. When they say a moment they mean about 10 minutes.

In walks Gina. Yes I call my doctor by her first name. I like to think we are the best of friends that only see each other twice maybe three times a year but yet we always pick up where we left off.

Really I had just seen her a few weeks before when Hubs had some tests run and I went with him. But I really do think of her as a friend.

I also really want to put something about drugs and fix but who knows what kind of people that would attract and well lets just drop it and move on.

Bottom line. No strep. No croup. Just one nasty throat infection. And a mild sinus infection. Oh and VERY STRICT instructions on NO TALKING!

Ummmmm, HELLO... does she forget I have family, boys I might add. And I have job where I do have to talk, not all day but it is a necessity every now and then. Maybe this is why this post is so long. I can't talk and I have sooooo much to say, but can't.

So two shots and two prescriptions later I was on my way to Walgreen's. 10 minutes later I was on my way home and 10 minutes after that I was asleep in the recliner.

And on the agenda for tomorrow more of the same. Can't go back till Wednesday. I guess this throat thing has its perks.

And the boys are loving it. All three of them. No talking means no arguing, yelling, and giving orders.

Ahhh yes this throat thing does have it's perks, no warnings just a good old fashion paddling when they don't do what they are supposed to.

Y'all have a great day I'm off for my nap!