Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Norfolk Eagle Cam

Last week one of the ladies at work showed me this cool website.

I also shared it with Hubs because teaches elementary school science . And then I shared it with the boys because it's not something you can see everyday.

And now I'm sharing it with you.

Go here to see a pair of Bald Eagles on nest with three eggs that were just laid over the past two weeks.

Just click on the blue box in the middle of the page that says WATCH THE EAGLE CAM. Then click on the eagle cam. Also click on the box to the right. EAGLE CAM MODERATED DISCUSSION. This is a live discussion about the eagles. While some of the questions are repetitive, I find them interesting and informative.

And while all they pretty much do is sit on the nest, it's the changing out between the male and female. How they roll the eggs. How they will protect the nest and it's precious cargo.

I can't wait to see the eaglets when the hatch in March.

OK, I thought it was cool.

Happy watching.

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{amy} said...

OK, so I finally got a chance to watch for awhile. How amazing!