Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recap of a lazy weekend

I would love to tell you this weekend was filled with tons-o-fun and excitement galore, but that is not the case.

Came home Friday from work and thought I would get a head start on the laundry. I always rack my brain wondering how four people could produce so much laundry. The baskets always seem to be over flowing no matter how hard I try to stay on top of it.

I really wish who ever is hogging the laundry fairy would hurry up and send her to my house.

Saturday R1 had practice at 8AM. And thank goodness, Hubs took him. Two and a half hours later the came home, hot, sweaty, and exhausted. They both said it was a great practice. I know we are just getting started with practices but I am ready for the games.

While they were gone R2 and I straightened up the house and made a HUGE dent in the laundry. We even managed to find time to snuggle and watch a few cartoons. He even went with me to HEB. The morning was great.

I would like to say the afternoon was great to, but that is not the case.

It seems here lately death has been in the forefront and Saturday was no different. A dear friend of mine lost his nineteen year old son in a car accident late Friday afternoon. I saw his son's name on the news and tried to call him. When he didn't answer I got that sinking feeling you get when you know something is not right.

Ray called me later and confirmed my fears. We talked for a long time and cried together. We also laughed together, which made me feel good. My heart was so heavy for him the remainder of the weekend.

Y'all keep him in your prayers this week. It's going to be very hard.

Sunday was a better day. We went to church and I was asked at the last minute to work in the toddler room. It was such a blessing to be in that room. Those little ones had me so tickled with their babble. They had a language all their own. It was precious and warmed my heart.

After church we came home, ate lunch, and I took a nap. It was glorious. R1 and Hubs played a video game and R2 played with his friend next door.

So there you have it, my lazy weekend. Hope y'all had a good weekend and hope you have a great Monday!


{amy} said...

Yay for lazy weekends! Ours was actually pretty lazy, too! I bet you won't be blogging about a lazy weekend pretty soon ~ BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!

Tater Mama said...

I'm with you on the laundry. I stay overwhelmed and can't figure out how we dirty up so many clothes. The boys are both under five, so their clothes aren't even "big" yet!!!

Glad you had a good weekend.