Tuesday, November 14, 2017

College Tour

R1 is a senior in high school and has already applied for early admissions to several colleges and two weeks ago he received his first acceptance letter to his top in-state college, Dallas Baptist University. 

R1 has been to the DBU campus several times with FCA for summer camp and has always said how much he liked it and how beautiful the campus is. 

Prior to him receiving his acceptance letter we scheduled for us to attend Patriot Preview Day to get a better feel for the campus so him receiving an acceptance just solidified us attending. 

Saturday morning we pulled up to DBU and made our way to Pilgrim Chapel where Patriot Preview Day was to begin. This picture does not even do this place justice. It was simply amazing.

After a short time of worship we had a schedule laid out for us with places across campus to visit and small break out sessions to attend so the DBU staff could tell us everything we would need to know about our child attending college here.

We spend the entire day at DBU and at the end I looked at R1 and asked him if was comfortable there and could he see himself living in the dorm, attending classes, getting involved in campus life and his response was an immediate YES!

As a parent there is no greater joy than knowing your child has been accepted to a college of his choice and is working hard to make that decision a reality. 

This senior year parenting gig is hard at times but also extremely rewarding.  I’m so proud of R1 and all that he has accomplished through out high school. 

I’m not gonna lie it makes me a little sad that this time has gone by so fast but, I’m more excited at what the future holds for him.

Friday, November 3, 2017

We Are The Champions!

Oh yeah we are!

I'm still in shock that my beloved Astros are the World Series Champions! This series was one of the most exciting to watch. 

Thank you Houston Astros, it's been an amazing season! 

#earnedhistory  #astroswonitall #baseballhangover #astrosfanforlife #astrosarenumberone


Thursday, November 2, 2017

I still miss this man

I still miss this man. Time has not lessened the hurt.  The pain is just as raw today as it was two years ago. I don't think it will ever ease. 

There is an ache deep in my heart that longs to talk to him, hug him, and just be in his presence.  I want to talk to him about all that has been going on recently. I want him to give me advice and to tell that I'm not failing as a parent like I feel I am. 

I love you daddy and I wish I had one more day with you.