Monday, August 31, 2009

Baseball action shots

Back during baseball season I had a company come and take some action shots of the boys during their last games.

This same company had been out three years ago and I loved the picture I ordered and have always wanted them to come back out.

So since this was R2's first year to play and R1's second year as catcher, I decided to call them to see if they would come out.

I told a few people about them coming and then they told a few people and so on and so on.

I feel like I'm in a Faberge Organic shampoo commercial from the 80s.

Any way, the photographers came took their pictures and then came back again a few weeks later so we could choose our shots, mattes, and frames.

They delivered them this past weekend and they are AWE

All of them were good. There wasn't a bad shot or picture. And the best part, everyone loved what they got.

I wanted to just post the pictures but you know the anonymity thing for the kids kept me from doing so.

But I was so excited, I just had to show you. So excuse the fuzzed out, colored out, and chopped of parts.



This one is for my dad. He's gonna love it!

Oh by the way the ones of R1 and R2 have the same frame and matte. I only wish I could have shown the graphics that I fuzzed out. It has their names, the ball park name, and the year.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This little light of mine

I really don't think there is any thing sweeter than listening to your 4yr old sing This Little Light of Mine.

He started singing it in the bath tub and then while he was getting on his pj's.

And he kept right on singing for 30 minutes after that.

But what I want to know is when is it OK for the light to turn off so the rest of the family can go to sleep?

Y'all have a great weekend.

Peace out!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Spirit

So last night Hubs' school district had meet the players and coaches night.

It's called Meet the "Small Town School"

It's like one big community wide pep rally. And everyone that has anything to do with high school attends. And this year we are in a new high school and the gym is really nice!

But the athletic director couldn't be heard. Not because he wasn't loud enough or the sound system wasn't good but because he kept his mouth right on the mic and screamed into it. It was like being in the class room with Charlie Brown's teacher.

The entire varsity football team is introduced, along with the cheerleaders, drill team, volley ball team, and coaching staff.

Hubs is part of the coaching staff. And the boys and I go every year to support him.

But what I am about to admit must strictly stay between us.

I secretly love going. I love the sound of the drums and the crowd cheering. Watching the drill team perform and the cheerleaders doing some death defying pyramid. Truth is I used to love pep rallies on Friday mornings in high school during football season.

Oh now don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back and redo high school. But being in the gym with all the goings on brings back some sweet memories for me.

But please please don't tell Hubs, I will never live it down!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What happened to Tuesday?

So it's Wednesday.

What happened to Tuesday? I totally missed it!

I don't have an excuse, I just was busy and missed a day.

So here is the picture I was going to post yesterday.

If I'm lucky maybe my pop up calendar on my computer will work to remind me on Thursday that the next day is Friday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Father Time, please slow down

Today is the first day of school.

And yes I am going to get all sentimental here.

R1 is in 4th grade and R2 is in his last year of Pre-K.

I have to admit that R2 being in Pre-K doesn't bother me at all, but R1, that's totally different.

Where have the past 5 years gone. What has Father Time done? Did he speed up the clock when I wasn't looking?

It seems as if it were just yesterday I was rocking my sweet baby to sleep. Letting that baby breath rest on my neck while I just drank in the moment.

Snuggling with him in the chair watching Blue's Clues. And then when he as a little older we would switch to Scooby Doo.

Walking him down the kindergarten hallway for his first day in Mrs. D's class. Or how excited he was that he lost his first tooth.

Now he is a big 4th grader. What happened to first grade and second grade?

I feel as if I blinked and the years have passed.

Blink, he's one, Blink, blink he's 9.

Oh Father Time please slow down!

I still have a 4 year old to see off to school. I want to cherish every moment with him.

I still have a 9 to see through 8 more years of school.

And I don't want to miss a thing!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye summer parting is such sweet sorrow

Well almost goodbye summer.

Goodbye in the sense that I no longer have to listen to MOM I'M BORED! or MOM WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY?

School starts on Monday and I couldn't be more excited.

I love getting the boys new supplies together and getting their back packs ready. I love the smell of new crayons and the feel of a new binder. I like to look at all the school supplies lined up on my kitchen table and just bask in their glory.

Never go shopping with me if I have to go to Office Depot. It is almost as addictive as Target for me and I could spend hours on the folder isle and another two or three on the pens and pencils isle. Oh don't forget the desk accessories isle.

And then there is the paper isle, and the storage isle.

Sorry I got side tracked for a minute.

But in honor of celebrating the last dog days of summer, I am going to take some time off.

I'm going to make sure to find something new for us to do everyday and find new activities to keep them entertained.

Although swimming has pretty much been our constant thing to do, since you know it 216 degrees out side.

So I'll be back on Monday to fill y'all in on the adventures we took and the place we went.

Happy end of summer.

Oh yeah,

If y'all get a minute, please say a quick prayer for R1. He is trying out for a new select baseball team today and I don't know who is more nervous, me or him.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tornado shmado

You know yesterday I posted about it being hurricane season here.

But I didn't know was that it was also tornado season here too.

We had a tornado touch down at Kohl's, and the hoped over to Walmart and right on over to the mall after that.

I had two friends that were out shopping, one at Kohl's and one at Walmart.

Thankfully no one was hurt and they were both fine just really shaken up.

Guess the next thing you know the city will be installing tornado warning sirens.

Oh my stars!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's hurricane season AGAIN!

Yes it's that blissful time of the year when the water in Gulf of Mexico is so warm it feels like a bath instead of a cool refreshing dip in the ocean.

And with that said, you know warm ocean water and masses of disturbed air do not mix. Well actually they do they form Hurricanes.

I wrote a post last year about hurricane season and since that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach is coming back I thought it fitting to publish it again.

July 22, 2008

I have to say I hate hurricane season! I know hate is a strong word but I hate it! I did have another post for today but I am starting to get this anxious hurricane-ish feeling.

It's that time of the year. Hurricane season. It usually runs from June 1st to November 30th.

I live in an area of the Texas coast where hurricane season for me generally stinks.

For those of you who have had the lovely experience of torrential rain and damaging wind along with tornadoes, power outages, and so on, I feel for you. For those of you who have never been in one, count your blessings.

So right now tropical storm Dolly is out in the gulf. The weather forecasters keep moving it further north right up the Texas coast line.

Hence the antsy feeling.

When I was growing up in Houston my family went through Hurricane Alicia. Now as an adult with a family of my own we went through Hurricane Rita in 2005.

I remember watching about Hurricane Katrina on the news and thanking God it wasn't us. Then three short weeks later it was.

I remember all of it like yesterday. There are still homes around with blue tarps on their roofs. Homes still showing other signs of damage. A constant reminder when I would like to forget.

I do have to say we were very lucky. Our house only had the electrical box ripped of the brick. My neighbor across the street...a 100 plus year old oak tree right down the middle of her house.

We were out of our house for three weeks. Some where in my picture folder I have all the pictures Hubs took of the damage on his way into our neighborhood. I might have to try and find them. Hmmm maybe not that folder is huge and I need to organize it.

So with this storm approaching my mind is always wandering to where and when will it come a shore. Where I live they are saying by tomorrow evening we should begin to see the weather start to deteriorate and feel some effects from the storm. Rain through most of Wednesday but by the end of the afternoon, the storm should be out of our range.

Wow, I sounded like I know what I am talking about. I could so be a weather forecaster for The Weather Channel. Maybe I should send them my resume'. Maybe not

Monday, August 17, 2009

R and R name change

I was thinking the other day about R4 and R9 and how I reference to them according to their age.

When I started this blog over a year ago it seemed like a good idea to call them by their ages since their names both start with the same letter.

As time marches on and the years roll by, really fly by, I change their names to match their new age.

Like I said I was thinking the other day how this might pose a problem later on down the road.

Right now it's OK calling them R4 and R9 because their ages haven't started to over lap.

In a few years R4 will be R9 and when I look back at posts how will I know if I was talking about the older one or the younger one or vise versa.

So today I am officially changing them to R1 and R2. R1 being the older and R2 being the younger

And no all you Star Wars fans their will not be a D2 to go with R2.

And just to clarify any references to R7,8,and 9 in past posts will
be R1, and R2,3,and 4 will be R2.

Hope I just haven't confused you more, like I just did my self.

Maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have one question for y'all on this Friday morning.

Why is it that during the week when I want to sleep late, I can't?

And on the weekends when I can sleep late, I am up at the butt crack of dawn!?

I really am a morning person but just once in a while I would like to be able to sleep past 7AM.

I'm not asking for much, I would even take 8:30 AM.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to school craziness

So school starts here in a week.

I am soooo ready for the boys to go back to school.

I think if I heard, mom I'm bored, mom I'm hungry, or mom what are we doing today I would simply go crazy.

But instead the craziness of back to school has started.

Texas has tax free weekend, where anything you buy, school related, clothes, shoes, backpacks, is tax free up to $100.00.

When it first started I thought it was wonderful, that was until I got to the mall.

It was worse than Christmas. I swore never again would I fight to buy a shirt just to save $7.00!!

So this past weekend Hubs and I went school clothes shopping for Reece.

And wouldn't you know it, the mall was having a sale.

I totally racked up at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Shirts for $5.00 and 13.00.

And shorts from Children's Place for $6.00

The Gap had their backpacks and lunch kits on sale for 30% off so score on that too.

So the only craziness going on for me while everyone else is at the mall saving sooo much money this weekend will be the college graduation I will be attending and then chilling out with my family!

Happy shopping

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Brooke, who I absolutely love by the way, gave me this blog award.

She is so funny, smart and very athletic, which I admire, because I'm not!

Any way

I'm supposed to recognized the sender and then pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

But y'all know me, I never can pick just a few. I think everyone that I read has something wonderful to offer and trying to choose would be like me trying to pick which cheese cake is my favorite.

I love them all.

So here's to you ladies...everyone of you take this award and post it on your blogs.

And now y'all are stuck with trying to pick 15 bloggers to send it to. It's harder than you think!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R4 had a girlfriend

R4 had a girlfriend as school.

And let me tell you he can pick them. She is such a cutie! I could eat her up.

And at the same time thank goodness I still have a few years before I really have worry about serious girlfriends. Because seriously I don't think my mama heart could take it right now!

Well the other day I was tucking R4 in bed and he blurts out that he has dumped Miss Cutie.

Dumped her!

I said do you know what dumped her even means.

He replied yup...I broke up with her.

I laughed out loud and smirked.

Then I asked well do you want her back.

R4 said no but she still wants me!

I just left it at that!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Technical difficulties

I have been having some technical difficulties here at RRMAMA.

Hubs my computer guru has worked his behind off trying to fix the problem.

The best solution we have at this point was to change from .com to .net

So I hope everyone will follow me over here to my new spot.

And please go back and read Fridays post, IT WAS HUBS BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubs

Happy Birthday Hubs!!!

And you know how I love to make a list of my favorite things about you for your birthday.

I think trying to come up with 30 or so somethings might take to long so I will just narrow it down to ten.

So here is my list of favorite things...

1. You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!

2. You love your family and would do anything for us.

3. You love to watch the boys play sports and get into it just as much as they do.

4. You are an AWESOME cook!!

5. You love God.

6. You give the boys their baths 90% of the time.

7. I love how when we are both on the computer you will send me and instant message telling me you love me!

8. You let me hog most of the bed and if I don't you let the dog hog the bed.

9. I love how you rough house with the boys and you and fake grunt and groan to make them think they are kicking your butt.

10. After 12 years you still love me! Through the good, bad, and ugly, you still love me!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Hubs!!!

I love you!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I need to apologize to my bloggy buddies.

Since I have started my new job I have been a little scarce in the visiting and comment department.

I still visit everyone but I don't comment like I should and I am sorry.

I'm gonna try and do better. Not just stop by, read and the move on.

So if all of a sudden you see two or three comments from me in the same day, don't worry I haven't lost my mind.

I just want y'all to know how much I have missed ya and I'm just shown' some bloggy comment love!

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One of my favorite players

I know I mentioned that baseball season is over.

While I am enjoying our non scheduled time, I have to admit I miss baseball.

And then I realize that I never put up any pictures of my favorite catcher from All-Stars.

I'm so proud of R9 and the work he did during the se
ason. He gave 100% all the time, even in the 104* heat. He played great!

So here ya go...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Coach's wife part 2

I ran this post July 2009.

My time has come again as the wife of a coach to say good-bye to my husband till sometime around mid March.

So in honor of this time I thought I would re-run this post.

My life as a coach's widow has started again. It happens this time every year like it has for the last 11 years.

Hubs is a Jr. high / high school football coach, basketball coach and track coach. My friends always wonder how I do it each year. I tell them it is just what you are used to. Some have husbands who work shift work or nights. Some have husbands who work 9-5 while others might own their own business which requires longer hours. Me, mine is a teacher and a coach.

So when high school football season rolls around he is gone, a lot! He has his Jr. high team to practice with and then games once a week, usually on Thursdays. Fridays, he is with the varsity team, in charge of all the filming and digital stuff. Saturday mornings, he is back up at the school, taking care of the film for next weeks game and breaking down digital plays. Very hi-tech, I know.

So in a sense I become a part time single parent. I really don't mind at first. The boys and I usually take in a few of the Jr. high games. Gotta show Hubs some support from the fam.

We try to take in two games for varsity. On the nights we don't go, we have standing ritual. We go eat Mexican food and the off to the treasure store. The treasure store is really the dollar store.

Y'all where else can you get toys, bathroom cleaner, and Christmas decorations all in one store? Seriously, my kids love the treasure store. If they are good at dinner each boy gets their choice of 3 three toys. $6.00 for some junky toy that will make they deliriously happy for a few days and then break. But I won't care because they were cheap!

Back to the point, if there is one.

Hubs started back to work this week and next week he has a "coaches retreat". If you want to call it that. He says they map out all of their strategical moves and plays. Me, I say they are sitting around playing poker, or video games. Pigging out on chips and drinking beer. I wish I could be a fly on the wall sometimes just to see what they are up to.

Anyway, Hubs doesn't get finished with coaching till March. So from the end of July to the middle of March it's coaching season. Kinda like deer season but with out having a deep freezer full of meat to show for it. But I must admit once football season is over he is around a lot more. Something else I must admit, by the end of basketball season I am ready to have my Hubs back on a regular basis. Thank goodness track season is a short one.

Anyone else who is married to a coach, I feel for you.

So for now, it's me, the boys, and multiple trips to the treasure store.