Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R4 had a girlfriend

R4 had a girlfriend as school.

And let me tell you he can pick them. She is such a cutie! I could eat her up.

And at the same time thank goodness I still have a few years before I really have worry about serious girlfriends. Because seriously I don't think my mama heart could take it right now!

Well the other day I was tucking R4 in bed and he blurts out that he has dumped Miss Cutie.

Dumped her!

I said do you know what dumped her even means.

He replied yup...I broke up with her.

I laughed out loud and smirked.

Then I asked well do you want her back.

R4 said no but she still wants me!

I just left it at that!


Brooke said...

what a little heart breaker!!

Beth Cotell said...

Tell R4 he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to young to be thinking about these things! :)