Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubs

Happy Birthday Hubs!!!

And you know how I love to make a list of my favorite things about you for your birthday.

I think trying to come up with 30 or so somethings might take to long so I will just narrow it down to ten.

So here is my list of favorite things...

1. You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!

2. You love your family and would do anything for us.

3. You love to watch the boys play sports and get into it just as much as they do.

4. You are an AWESOME cook!!

5. You love God.

6. You give the boys their baths 90% of the time.

7. I love how when we are both on the computer you will send me and instant message telling me you love me!

8. You let me hog most of the bed and if I don't you let the dog hog the bed.

9. I love how you rough house with the boys and you and fake grunt and groan to make them think they are kicking your butt.

10. After 12 years you still love me! Through the good, bad, and ugly, you still love me!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Hubs!!!

I love you!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your Wonderful Husband : ) This is a nice list! I like men that let us hog the bed. That's the way it should be : ) Hope you could do something super fantastic today to celebrate : )

Brooke said...

awww!!! now i really think you should join the MM&M carnival and tell us your love story!!