Monday, August 17, 2009

R and R name change

I was thinking the other day about R4 and R9 and how I reference to them according to their age.

When I started this blog over a year ago it seemed like a good idea to call them by their ages since their names both start with the same letter.

As time marches on and the years roll by, really fly by, I change their names to match their new age.

Like I said I was thinking the other day how this might pose a problem later on down the road.

Right now it's OK calling them R4 and R9 because their ages haven't started to over lap.

In a few years R4 will be R9 and when I look back at posts how will I know if I was talking about the older one or the younger one or vise versa.

So today I am officially changing them to R1 and R2. R1 being the older and R2 being the younger

And no all you Star Wars fans their will not be a D2 to go with R2.

And just to clarify any references to R7,8,and 9 in past posts will
be R1, and R2,3,and 4 will be R2.

Hope I just haven't confused you more, like I just did my self.

Maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

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Unknown said...

That is confusing : ) As long as you get it, that is all that matters!