Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Spirit

So last night Hubs' school district had meet the players and coaches night.

It's called Meet the "Small Town School"

It's like one big community wide pep rally. And everyone that has anything to do with high school attends. And this year we are in a new high school and the gym is really nice!

But the athletic director couldn't be heard. Not because he wasn't loud enough or the sound system wasn't good but because he kept his mouth right on the mic and screamed into it. It was like being in the class room with Charlie Brown's teacher.

The entire varsity football team is introduced, along with the cheerleaders, drill team, volley ball team, and coaching staff.

Hubs is part of the coaching staff. And the boys and I go every year to support him.

But what I am about to admit must strictly stay between us.

I secretly love going. I love the sound of the drums and the crowd cheering. Watching the drill team perform and the cheerleaders doing some death defying pyramid. Truth is I used to love pep rallies on Friday mornings in high school during football season.

Oh now don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back and redo high school. But being in the gym with all the goings on brings back some sweet memories for me.

But please please don't tell Hubs, I will never live it down!


Brooke said...

you're secret is safe ;)

high school football is HUGE around here!

Unknown said...

That sounds fun! Super duper fun! I went to a christian school and we didn't have a football team.