Thursday, June 7, 2012

The fort

Big Guy decided after hunting season was over he wasn't going to renew his deer lease. So today he and Duh-Duh came over and brought Big Guy's deer stand.

This is a stand like no other. It has stairs to get into it. It has carpet. It has a metal roof. It has shelves and plexiglass windows that can be opened. The door even has a lock. And I'm sure at some point you could even add a heater/A/C unit.

But right now, it's sitting in my back yard and the boys have turned it into their spy fort. They even got out the walkie talkies to play.

And if I wasn't so dang tired I'm sure I could figure out how to get a txt message picture off of my phone so I could post it on here. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. Maybe.

1 comment:

{amy} said...

Ha ha! I'd love to see a picture! How fun!!