Monday, June 25, 2012

We bought a pie

We bought a pie. I know so exciting. But let me tell you why we bought a pie.

Our church held a pie auction last night for a mission trip that some of our people are taking to Latvia. Which in case you don't know is in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

Our music minister is married to a wonderful lady who is from Latvia and just to throw this out there to, their daughter is precious.

Anyway, a group from our church went last year and started the first stage of putting a new roof on the church. Now this year they are going again to put flooring in the church. And to help raise some money the church held a pie auction where all of the proceeds went the mission trip.

There were over fifty pies and some sold for only $30.00 while others sold for over $200.00. It was great event and I'm glad we were able to participate.

And here is the pie, or what's left of the pie we bought. We bid on a coconut lemon cheesecake. I'm so glad we won this pie, it was awesome. And the reason it's half gone is we shared it with some of the people at the auction.



Brooke said...

supporting missions and getting a pie in the process? sounds win/win to me!

{amy} said...

Yay! I'm glad it went well! We do a dessert auction each Spring to help with the cost of youth camp.