Monday, July 16, 2012


R1 had a birthday while we were on vacation. And because I knew what our schedule would be like when we returned, I decided to have his party before we left to go to the Frio River.

He had mentioned that he wanted to have a dodgeball party. I thought was a great idea for a bunch of 11-13 year old boys. So I started calling around to places back in March to get an idea what was available and at what price.

Let me just say that I should really consider going into the party business. Every place I called was outrageous. $250.00 just for the place. And he could only invite 8 kids. 8 KIDS total. Any thing over 8 would cost me an extra $10.00 per kid. Oh and the allotted time frame for the hour and a half. So with him as one and his brother as another that left only 6. And to be honest you really can't have a game of dodgeball with just 8 kids.

I started to think of another option, but then one day we were up at our church and doing something which I can not recall right now, but I know we were helping the youth take care of some stuff in our hug gym. And I thought why not have the party at the church gym.

The best part, first off, is it was free because we are members of the church. Second he could invite as many kids as he wanted, no extra charge. Third we could have the party for as long as we wanted because I reserved the gym all day. Hubs borrowed two bags of dodgeball balls from his school. And we also bought several pizzas and can drinks too.

It was a one of the best parties we have ever had. I know the adults had just as much fun as the kids. And lets just say I know exactly where my kids get their competitive nature from and it's not Hubs.


Mari said...

What a great idea! Looks like everyone had a great time.

{amy} said...

How fun! & you saved a BUNCH of money!! Good job!