Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Frio River, how I love thee

We went on vacation this past week in case you didn't notice the lack of blogging.

I had it all planned out to. I was going to put up a few posts while we were gone but with all of the laundry and packing and making sure we made it out of the house with everything we needed since we were not going to be close to a town with a store, I was wiped out! I just couldn't focus long enough to put up one post let alone four.

And in case you are wondering we went to the Frio River. We actually stayed in Concan, Texas.

It was the four of us, well the five of us, we took Cookie. Our friends, Deb and Cliff. Then Christi, Randall and their kids. Tammy and her daughter. Robin, her husband, and her precious new baby boy. Let's just say I got all of the baby love I wanted. And he was so sweet and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We played in the river for a few days and we also hit Fiesta Texas.

I grew up going to Astroworld in Houston and since it closed down there was no chance my kids would ever get to experience it.Debbie had given us free tickets to get into Fiesta. As soon as we got into the park, R2 rode the Boomerang roller coaster with Tammy, Christi, and Randall. It was his first coaster to ride and I was a bit nervous because I don't do more than one loop and absolutely no twisting. I'll spare you the details as to why I don't do roller coasters like that.

Bottom line is he love it! He came off the ride smiling and ready to go. He and I ended up riding the Road Runner together. He was so funny.

We stayed six hours at Fiesta Texas. We did everything we could do. The lines weren't long and even though it was 97 degrees there was always a breeze blowing. And the boys kept telling Hubs and I how it was the best day of their lives. They had a great time!

But after the heat from the amusement park the Frio River was calling our name once again. We spent and entire day in the river. Just playing and floating and relaxing.

It really was the perfect vacation.

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Robin said...

I am SO glad y'all went to the Frio with us! It was great to see you and I'm so glad you got to hang out with Damon! Just used to change my diapers and now you got to change my baby's diaper!