Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bubble

Saturday morning after the boys autograph session with the Houston Astros, we took a walk to get something to eat. We would have stayed at the ball park but after autographs they ask you leave until the gates open.

We went to Subway at 11:30AM on a Saturday morning in downtown Houston. Any of you that live in Houston know what goes on on a Saturday morning in downtown Houston. There are homeless people every where. They are asked to leave the missions where they slept the night and they wander aimlessly around the streets of downtown.

So we get to Subway which is about 7 blocks from Minute Maid Park and turn the corner and find to homeless guys arguing. The are screaming at one another to go home. My first thought was to just get the boys inside, but my next thought was where are they going home to, under a bridge.

Anyway R2 asked why they were arguing and telling each other to go home. I just looked at him and told I didn't know and it was really none of our business why they were arguing.

Next another homeless man walks into the store and begins to ask everyone for food or money. The manager eventually kicks him out.

After that I look out the window to see another person picking up trash off the street and drinking the cups he found but throwing all of the other stuff in the trash. R1 sees this and asks why he was drinking from the trash. He's old enough to understand and so I begin to explain. He responds with his usual OK.

Then another homeless man walks into Subway and locks himself in the bathroom. The manager comes and bangs on the door and threatens to call the police if he doesn't get out.

At this point both boys are looking and asking why. We explain once again. He was soaking up the A/C, getting a drink, and cleaning himself up. When R2 asks why he didn't just go home. Again more explaining as to why he may not have a home.

As we were walking back to the ballpark, Hubs was explaining to the boys some different circumstances as to why these people are they way the are, homeless.

There was an endless supply of reasons. But it made me realize what a little bubble my children live in. My children had never been exposed to the homeless side of life. They've helped out with delivering food supplies to the less fortunate during baseball season, but not flat out homeless.

I have to say I was proud that they didn't just burst out with normal or loud questioning tone of voice. They very quietly asked their questions and we did the best we could to explain. They saw how rough life can be and why things might turn out that way.

For a brief moment, as much as I like to keep them sheltered from certain things, our bubble popped and they got a life lesson that I don't I could have ever taught them.


Brooke said...

its easy to stay in a bubble isn't it? but every now and again its good to pop my head out.

Mari said...

Sounds like a very enlightening day. I know my life is so sheltered, comparatively.

{amy} said...

I understand what you're saying. My kids haven't been exposed to much either.