Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I hate shopping for new cars. I used to love it. now it's just a pain. I think that comes with age.

And to prove I don't like shopping for cars. I'm on my third Honda. I had a Civic when Hubs and I got married almost 15 years ago. Then we brought an Accord for him to drive, which I ended up with when I was pregnant with R1, and now I'm currently driving a Pilot. While I still love my Pilot it's almost 10 yrs old.

When we purchased my Pilot, it only had 3 miles it. I'll let you guess how many it has now.

Knock on wood we've only had one major repair but it's beginning to give me some trouble.

I'm thinking I want another Honda. Maybe a CR-V. I really do not need the space my car has and with gas prices I want something with a little better gas mileage.

So what do y'all drive and do you have any recommendations?


Mari said...

I have a Blazer and we are in the same boat, planning to get something else. Friends have the CRV and love it. Good luck!

Brooke said...

we have 3 vehicles - all 150K+ in the mileage department, i suppose that's a good thing that they've lasted this long, right?

jay has a durango, and a soft top jeep. i'm driving a toyota matrix. honestly i don't think you can go wrong with the honda/toyota line of cars

Tater Mama said...

I'm so cool that I've been driving a nine-year-old Volvo wagon with 105,000 miles on it. We got it three years before our oldest was born. I would love to replace it with another Volvo SUV, but I think I'm stuck with it for another 30,000 miles or so. But I come from a long line of Honda people. My mother had two Accords and now drives a CR-V, and my brother just bought his second Civic. His first one lasted over ten years and had nothing wrong with it when he traded it in. As my mother says, Hondas are so good they'll climb trees if you ask them to.

{amy} said...

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan with 160,000+ miles, & I'm looking to replace it ~ though I hope it'll last a couple more years (until Elly can drive it). I want something smaller, with better gas mileage as well. I haven't researched yet, so I can't really help you out. I hope you find the perfect vehicle for you!