Monday, March 1, 2010

The Storm came

It was a great weekend. R1 has his first baseball tournament. He and his team did great considering they are a 9U (9 and under) team and we had to play up this weekend, we played all 10U teams. At one point it was his team against our organizations 10U team. We played hard gave them everything we had but we lost. 8-5. Not to shabby and we held our head high.

Here are few pictures from the weekend.

And my favorite of the weekend


Brooke said...

are there not enough U9 in the area for them to play? playing up a year will definitely challenge them

Hubs said...

The organization that sponsors the tournaments has 3 classifications for each age group. It is based on the players on the team and their past participation. We have 3 kids that played in one tournament last year that caused us to be moved into the 2nd 9u classification. We are the only team in the area in this one right now so we don't have any others to play. We have argued that we should not be moved up since it was only 3 kids and only one tournament, but after winning a game and almost winning 3 others this weekend we are probably not going to get sent back down. They actually showed they could play with the 10's so they should be okay.

Unknown said...

I love that they pray! How great is that? Is it a christian league?