Friday, February 26, 2010

The post where I just ramble about nothing

So I have several things to say to but it will all come out as if I am rambling about nothing. So maybe if I make a list it won't be so bad.

1. Have I mentioned how excited I am about baseball? R1 has a double header on Saturday. He plays at 4 and 6. My nephew is also playing at 4. He's two years older. It should be fun to be at the same ball park and watching them both. My in-laws are coming in and a friend is also coming to watch R1. The funny thing about the friend is R2 is in love with her. She's beautiful and very sweet. Nice to know R2 has a thing for blonds and older women. Anyone who wants to sit in the cold to watch her friends son play baseball is an angel! Thanks Shana!!!

2. I am also excited about this tote bag I ordered from Lands End. I have loved Lands End for years. They have the best stuff. I have a shirt I bought from them, kid you not, 10yrs ago and it still looks just like I bought it yesterday. The red is still so bright. Their swim suits are FABULOUS! I have two and they have lasted through the lake water and the chlorine water. But another plus is they retain their shape. And no I'm not being paid for this endorsement. But if they came knocking on my door, I wouldn't turn them down.

3. I'm ready for Spring Break. I'm ready to just hang out with my family and not have any where to go or any schedule to keep.

4. I've been thinking about one of my bloggy friends this week. She has moved into a new home. I hope she got everything unpacked and put away. I hope she enjoys her new house and all of the wonderful memories she and her husband will have.

5. When I start griping in a few months about how freaking hot it is, please remind of how cold it has been. And while we don't have nearly the amount of snow as Rebeckah. And she is such an awesome mom for letting the kids play to their hearts content!

OK, I know it was pretty bad but thanks for letting me ramble.

Y'all have a great weekend and GO STORM!!!


Brooke said...

awww - thanks :)

and i love how excited you get about baseball with your boys. its not just another chore on your to-do list. they must know how much their mom loves them by how excited she is to be a part of their lives!

Unknown said...

: )

If we get any more snow this year I am going to have a freak out : )