Monday, February 15, 2010

Honey, it's broken

Friday afternoon, around 4pm, Hubs calls me at work and tells that his car has broken down.

He and the boys were on their way to the bank to get some cash and then take R1 to our alterations lady to have his baseball pants hemmed. He turned into the parking lot of the bank and hears a "POP" and then the car just stops.

So I call our insurance company to see if we have a towing policy. Score there we do. I have them send a tow truck to pick up the car and take it to the dealership. I leave work and go pick up Hubs and the boys.

I also have to give a shout out to our insurance company, Progressive. The first thing they asked me after I told them the car had broken down, was I in a safe place. I just love that. They were concerned about my safety and my familes safety.

While waiting I decide to take R1 to the alterations place since the tow truck was about an hour out. We get that taken care of because his first tournament is at the end of the month. And then we go back and met Hubs to sit and wait.

After we drop the car off, the driver of the tow truck walks over to my car and shows Hubs and I a part that fell of the car and onto the flat bed. He said he was no mechanic but that it didn't look good and brings it into the service department.

Denise is a service rep who has been working at the dealership for years. Every time we have taken one of the cars in she is the one we go to. She is always friendly and up beat. She is polite and concerned about our car trouble. Bottom line is Denise just rocks!

So after a very stressful afternoon, dinner was next on the list. I needed sustenance and a little relaxation.

Sometime this morning they are going to put Hubs' car on the diagnostic machine and figure out what is wrong. It might be the transmission, which equals BIG BUCKS! Or it might be CV-axle joint which is much cheaper.

I asked God to just let it be something that we could afford to fix. And I know it's crazy but I am asking y'all to pray the same. Because to be totally honest we are not in the car market right now.

Thanks bloggy friends y'all are the best!


Genny said...

Praying for you! Sorry you had all that stress.

Brooke said...

sure thing - i'm glad so far you've had great experiences with the insurance company and the car company.

my prayers that its fixable (within your budget)