Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Duke

Saturday was such a beautiful day! The sunshine and I were like long lost friends. I enjoyed being outside all day and feeling the warmth on my face.

Anyway, Hubs' and I took the boys and Cookie for a walk/bike ride in the afternoon.

As we walked down one street, we came upon a house that had a black lab laying on the drive way soaking up the sun. As we approached the dog stood up and started to follow us.

R2 decided after several blocks to start calling the dog Duke. He kept calling Duke to follow us, and follow us he did. All the way back to our house.

R2 said Duke was his best friend and he was going to keep him in our back yard so he could play fetch with him.

Duke made himself right at home in our garage. He nosed around and then plopped himself down right by the back door. I finally sent him outside and shut the garage door, thinking he would go back to his own house. But Duke never did leave. He moved himself to the back porch and chased Cookie around when I let her outside.

I really wish I would have thought to video this next part, but once again my missed the chance. I wonder if I'll ever get the photo op thing right.

Here's what happened...

I got in my car, opened the garage, started the car, rolled down the windows, backed out, called Duke and he came over and started to follow me.

I pulled out of the drive way and drove down the street. All the while calling Duke. Duke was such a good dog, he followed me back to his house. All seven blocks!

I pulled up to his house and stopped at the end of the driveway. Duke walked up to my car and I told him to "GO HOME!" He walked into the yard and sat down. I told him to "STAY!!" And took off! I think I left some tire rubber on the road.

I made it back home and closed my garage door for the night.

I am also happy to say I haven't seen Duke today. Which means he must be enjoying being back at his own house. R2 thinks we are going to get him and bring him back over here. While Duke was a pretty cool dog, we are only a one dog family at this point. And Cookie was here first!


Brooke said...

but Duke is such a pretty dog!!!

Hubs said...

I'm sad, Riley loved that dog...

Beth said...

I still think a video of you leading him home would have been GREAT!!! So sorry "Hubs" didn't get that on tape!