Thursday, February 4, 2010

He was grounded

Yesterday R2 had bad day at school. Who am I kidding, he a VERY bad day at school.

He got in trouble during Pre-K and was sent to time out, in the other room. He was rude to the owner of the day care, which I need to clarify, we are friends with. He was mean to another child during nap time. And I think the list goes on but I was so mad after hearing about the first part of the things he did that I had Hubs quit telling me.

So when Hubs got him home he did what any parent would do, he whipped him and sent him to his room.

I thought about having him put on his boots and go in the back yard and pick up sticks, and every few minutes or so recite, "School is the key to my future!" Hey it worked for my nephew. But R2 loves to be outside in the mud picking up sticks with his John Deere tractor. So that was out.

But we did take away his TV privileges and even went to so far as to take away his John Deere tractor toys, which he loves. Because seriously, he is 5 and it's not like I can take away going to the mall with his friends or talking on the phone. That and I doubt he will ever have chatter phone bug like I did, because well he's a boy and boys just don't talk on the phone like girls.

After dinner, he had a bath and went right back to his room. He climbed in the bed and asked me to tuck him in. I did and then I asked him what happened during the day. What had made him behave the way he did.

And here is what that precious child of mine said. " I LOST MY MARBLES!"

I had to fight back laughter so hard. I almost lost it. I just looked at him and nodded my head, the struggled to tell him to go to bed.

I walked out of his room and right out into the garage and laughed till my sides hurt. I told Hubs what he said and he wasn't phased by it.

But by 8pm last night my house was very quiet. Maybe that's why I fell asleep around 9pm.

Oh and here is where I tell on myself. I fell asleep in the recliner while playing on Facebook. I know go ahead and laugh, it's OK.

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Brooke said...

hey - my FIL has fallen asleep on the toilet before. no way i can mock you.