Monday, February 8, 2010

baseball, football, and some good eats

Saturday R1 had a great baseball game. He had 4 RBI's, 3 stolen bases, and went 2 for 3. I was one proud mama!

Sunday was the biggest football game of the season for those of you, actually the three of you who read this blog, know I am not a huge fan of football. But I watched the game anyway. It was good one. I will also be honest and tell you I was cheering for the Colts. But only because Aunt Debbie has a deep and abiding love for Peyton Manning.

I mean New Orleans isn't that far from Southeast Texas and everyone else I know was rooting for the Saints. And while I was sad the Colts lost I was happy for the Saints. They played a good game.

And everyone knows a Superbowl game just isn't a game with out some good food. The boys were both asking for Brushetta and Hubs was asking for Sun Dried Tomato Jam with Crostini. I made both in the morning and by dinner they were gone.

Then Hubs broke out the grill and went to work doing what he does best. We had Rib Eye Steaks, brats, ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, and mushrooms.

In one word...AWESOME!!

I'm gonna brag on Hubs for a minute. This man can cook! He always has. He can grill anything. He makes some terrific chicken dishes too. As a wife, I love that he likes to cook.

Overall it was just a great weekend.

But I have to ask, who were you rooting for?


Brooke said...

great job R1!!!!

most people around here were for the Colts b/c of Peyton (he played at the University next door) but I was cheering on the food. ours was yum as usual :P

cfoxes33 said...

I have totally been a Saints fan for the last 15 years or more. I love the underdog and to see them go from worst to first was awesome to me!

Unknown said...

I am so proud to say that I did NOT watch even one moment of the game. I hate football. I am not ashamed to say it!c