Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The verdict is in

OK, back to the car saga. Why do car repairs always stress me out. I'll tell you why because they always mean BIG BUCKS, that's why.

And the verdict is in. And it's not great but it could be WAY worse.

Bottom line is the front axle broke. Front left/right CV axle joint to be exact. This would explain why Hubs' car wouldn't go any where. And when it broke it bent something else so now that needs to be fixed too.

So it's getting fixed and yes it was BIG BUCKS but not as bad a needing a new transmission. I'll be blunt here, for the bargain price of one thousand dollars we are receiving the following.

1 new front CV axle joint
1 new oil cover gasket
1 oil change
1 state inspection complete with new sticker

And y'all know that I can handle just about anything, remember this and this. I don't handle car repairs, all they do is make me cry. Which I did on my way Friday to met Hubs' and the boys.

I also prayed and once again, like I knew he would, God provided. He gave me peace and brought a calm like no other can.

So thank you to those who prayed for me and the car trouble. But THANK YOU GOD, for providing for me and family, again, and again, and again.



Brooke said...

I'm glad that its not as bad as it could have been.

Since we're talking about prayer and how awesome He is - can you pray for me and Jay? We're both stressing about the move, money, & all the fun that comes with being a responsible adult.

Unknown said...

Oh. Cars stress me out too. I will pray for another blessing to come your way!